Saturday, February 14, 2009

Maj. Gen. Avi Mizrahi Is Right

Mossa'ei Shabbath Qodesh Parshath Yithro 5769

YNET: IDF Renounces General's Comments
Hanan Greenberg, 02.14.09, 20:20

Remarks made by Maj. Gen. Avi Mizrahi alluding to Turkish oppression of Kurds, Armenians were rejected by army in statement. The comments were in reaction to Ankara criticism of Israel's Gaza operation.
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No, it wasn't very diplomatic. No, it wasn't his role to make such comments. And, yes, he may have hurt his career. But, he's right.

What happened to Jews going out of their way to defend the rights every people treated unfairly but themselves?

Oh, I guess that doesn't apply when upsets the diplomatic balance, when it upsets one of the few Muslim countries which tolerate us,...barely, and throws Europeans into a tizzy of cognitive dissonance.

Did Maj.-Gen. Avi Mizrahi think before he spoke? Was this an "Oops, I forgot there were journalists here" faux pas? Did he walk into a trap? Or was this a well-thought out publicity-grabber.

I'll go with Door #1 for now, but you never know.

Look up Gen. Mizrahi on Wikipedia, and you will find that his page is available in three different languages: Hebrew, English, and, of all things, Turkish.

I kid you not. A certain general is no longer flying under the radar.


BrooklynHabiru said...

Too bad there hasn't been any Turkish spokesperson coming out and saying anything to the effect that "Prime Minister Erdogan's comments defending the legitimacy of Hamas and calling Gaza an 'open-air prison' do not represent Turky's foreign policy position."

Israel is expected by the world to bend over backwards (and in fact does) in order to solicit Arab and Islamic allies. However no such parallel is expected to be reciprocated from the other side.

In this upside down world, only Israel is to be held accountable for its words and actions. So called "moderate" Islamic republics like Turkey on the other hand, which is perpetually under threat of military coup and has committed countless crimes against Armenians, Kurds and Cypriots is spoken of by Europeans as a potential EU member.

Those who speak up for the truth and justice in Israel are marginalized (politically, economically, and even imprisoned). Those who feed into this sick neurotic national disorder which internalizes our enemies criticisms as valid are presented as natural ballot options.

Comrade Tovya said...

That's awesome... I'm glad he spoke up. We need to go on the offensive and stop playing the defensive game all the time (we're no good at that anyway).

It's time to assault that "one rule for the Jew, and another for the goyim" mentality, and stop playing the victim.

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