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8 of the Eleventh Month 5769

I recently unsubscribed from a fellow blogger's e-mail list, notifying readers of new posts. There were a few reasons I unsubscribed, but the main reason was this keeping-wearing blogger's incessant and annoying support for Israel's so-called security fence. In response to my request to "Unsubscribe," I received the following:
You're off. Sorry to see you leave after all these years. May I ask why?
My reply was the following, with a few additions...

We've been through this before.

It's called the Torah.

Milhemeth misswah dohah piqu'ah nefesh, so your support for the so-called "security fence" really goes out the window.

That fence is evil. Saves lives? The above already demonstrates that to be irrelevant.

What about the lives of those of us on the other side?

What about the government systematically experimenting to find ways to remove us? Police harassment, encouraging Arabs to file "complaints," allowing leftists free reign to uproot our trees and burn our fields,... The list goes on.

All of Yehudah and Shomron belong to us. Now that it is in our hands it is forbidden to give it up.

At the very least, voluntarily giving up land would mesirah.

Rabbeinu Tzvi Yehudah (Kook) ztz"l wrote that one must do everything in order to prevent or at least delay the evacuation of any Jewish settlement.

Even the debate among his students was never about whether or not Israel should hang on to liberated Israeli territory. It was only about whether or not "everything" included soldiers refusing orders to remove Jews from their homes.

The security fence diminishes Israel's sovereignty over part of it land, in essence its heartland. We all now know that when former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon claimed that the security fence would never become a border, defacto or otherwise, he was lying.

Hizmah entrance into Jerusalem
Photo: Hizmah Border Crossing, entering the Jerusalem neighborhood of Pisgat Ze'ev

If we really did what it takes to hold on to the land, and HaShem decided that we lose part of it (Has weHallilah), then that's a different story. But we're not.

Instead we're cow-towing to the wishes of the goyim, to Esau, and to Yishma'el. We are allowing the Eruv Rav to dictate our fate.

I generally like to keep an eye on various "points of view."

But I don't really see any point to following yours anymore.

There is a whole JEWISH world out there outside of ****** or ******, or wherever you are (I forgot).

Jews are on this Earth to live by Torah and Torah principles, not by Western principles.

I hate to break it to you, but they are not one and the same.

I believe Rabbi Avraham Yitzhaq Kook ztz"l spoke about galuth p'nimith.

I would like recommend that you this look concept up.

May you and your family enjoy long, happy, and healthy lives.

...and may you wake up someday.

In the event that you will counter what I have to say with, "Ya'aqov, you are ignoring reality," my response to that may be found here: "Jewish Reality."

In the event that you and I are actually in more agreement than I was to believe, then you are dong a great disservice to Am Yisrael by not allowing that to be fully reflected in your public writing.

I hope that satisfactorily answers your question.

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