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Haveil Havalim #203 - The Real 203rd Edition

Erev Rosh HaShannah la'Illanoth 5769

CedarThis edition may be too long, I don't know. However, I have hopefully provided enough annotation, to that you will save in the long-run by clicking only those posts which seem of interest to you. What can I say? Sometimes I have difficulties saying no.

Of course, there are those of you gritting your teeth, and muttering under your breath, "I'm not going to get as many hits on my blog that way, gosh darn it" Well, my response to that is, offer to host. Not only will get to design and present Haveil Havalim your way, you will definitely get that boost in hits and exposure you were looking for. It's really not that hard,...once you have hosted a few times. If you have never hosted before, you can always try out the beta InstaCarnival function, to help you get started.

In the meantime, please enjoy this week's edition. Due the lack of sufficient explanation from Jack as to the edition numbering discrepancy which cropped up weeks ago, even after repeated inquiries from me, I have no choice but to entitle it The Real 203rd Edition. (No offense to Ima, who by no fault of her own, hosted the fake one last week.)
Founded by Soccer Dad, Haveil Havalim is a carnival of Jewish blogs -- a weekly collection of Jewish & Israeli blog highlights, tidbits and points of interest collected from blogs all around the world. It's hosted by different bloggers each week and coordinated by Jack. The term 'Haveil Havalim,' which means "Vanity of Vanities," is from Qoheleth, (Ecclesiastes) which was written by King Solomon. King Solomon built the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and later on got all bogged down in materialism and other 'excesses' and realized that it was nothing but 'hevel,' or in English, 'vanity.'

Jews' News

Everyone must click now to read I'll Call Baila's post Venezuela, Venezuela On My Mind. You can come back to Haveil Havalim later. I'm serious! Click!

Mike at It's Almost Supernatural elaborates on this attack in Kristallnacht In Caracas.
Now, take a deep breath or sigh, express some gratitude that you're not there. Enjoy the rest of Haveil Havalim. Then do some research and contemplation about how you can help our brethren in Venezuela.
In other news, Ron at Likelihood Of Success mourns the loss of Rabbi No'ah Weinberg z"l.

The Israel Situation wonders what was accomplished in Azza (Gaza) in Another Rocket Attack. Yitz at Judeopundit lets us know about all the "victory" in the news today with his Triumphant Round-up.

Cosmic X in Jerusalem posted a video in Know Thy Enemy. It's, shall we say, a bit of an I-Rant, which is kind of like a J-Rant, but for Islam. No, not really....

Shimon PeresDaled Amos also posts some video footage. It was of that thing that happened between those guys at that place that one time, discussing Israel's fate without any input the Israeli public, of for that matter, The Almighty. Such meetings happen all the time. I can get them confused. This one had that guy who calls himself HaNassi, what's his name? Oh, yeah, Shimon Peres, telling it like it is. DA also blogs on the UN's Defense Of Islam, Which Makes Conyers's Resolution Look Good.

Debbie Schlussel tells us why it's Time for a Top Jewish Republican to GOOOOOO.

Atlas Shrugs reports that the Director of J Street (Judenrein Strasse) Eric Alterman has been threatening people. (Tip credit: Sultan Knish)

Sultan Knish reports that U. S. President Obama Falsely Promoted an Islamic Golden Rule at the National Prayer Breakfast. Robert at Seraphic Secret brings us "They Let Us Out," but presumably, Michelle, you are the "they." Hmmm....

In The Lives Of Jews

Parshath HaShavu'a

Ari at Geulah Perspectives elaborates on the troubles we are currently experiencing, as birth pangs in Birthing Moshiach.

Yechezkel at Achas L'Maala v'Sheva L'Matta brings us The Miracle Of The Mahn - Then And Now. Through midrashim and an additional story, he explains how the miracle of the Mahn is still with us today. He also gives us 18 Ways To Find Your Beloved, found in Parshath Beshalah.

Ahava Ariel relates this week's parshah to where she sees herself currently in I Want The Direct Flight.

The Velveteen Rabbi combines this week's parshah, poetry, and current events in The Psalm I Sing, and transitions us into the poetry section.

Date PalmPoetry

Ariel brings us "A Message" and "Mikvah" at The Edge Of Rain.

Brooklyln Habiru gives us my favorite post of this edition "Ata Ḥonen" at Secrets Of Redemption.


Shorty's Adventure continues on with Interfaith Parenting - Initial Thoughts. As with the above poem, I would like to suggest that everyone read this post.

Paul posts Sibling Rivalry: Can't Kill 'em so Try to Love 'em on his Or Am I? blog, providing his take on "sibling rivalry and how to move our children toward partnership and love."

Lady-Light writes about her Kids in the IDF, and Thoughts on the War.

Tu b'Shevat

Who remembers this?

The Lorax"I am the Lorax. I speak for the trees. I speak for the trees, for the trees have no tongues."

-From The Lorax by Theodor "Dr. Suess" Geisel

Leora starts us off with A Holiday For Trees, posted at Here In HP.and Batya at Me-Ander brings us Ahhhh, TU b'Shevat.
My guess is that there will more Tu b'Shevat-related posts in next week's edition. In the meantime, I have included a few pictures of the trees in this edition of Haveil Havalim, trees which I see in Israel on a daily basis. The almond trees really are in bloom right now,...and my neighbor's pomegranates turned out really good this past season. Don't YOU wish you lived in Israel???

Now, Batya is what? ...Preparing for Pesah already? Check out It's That Time Of Year, Again, and see what's up with that.

Jewish Thought

While The Occidental Israeli examines what it means to be Dati Or Torani, The Rebbetzin's Husband examines the components of Modern Orthodox Ideology.

Shira Salamone at On The Fringe is thoroughly disgusted by her shul's kashrut decision. She also examines Onan’s real sin and Kol Isha.

Good ol' Heshy at Frum Satire presents us with Ridiculous Halachic Questions.

In Letters Of Thought, Mottel reviews the book The Two Kings.

Lenny Ben-David of I*Consult updates us on the background and status of certain Vatican Manuscripts.

Schvach Yid treats us to a story,...well, there's a dog, some ducks, a catfish, and an alligator. Check out Fun And Games At Someone Else's Corral. He also comments on Jewish Bigotry and Jewish Pain.

Out With The Guys

The Real Shaliach reports on the Kinnus Hatmimim in Beis Rivka. Do you know what a "rocking farbie" is? Find out in What were they thinking?

Did anyone watch the Super Bowl? Benji at What War Zone? did. Hey, Lookee Here! recounts what happened when he innocently tried to "talkback" to a commentator.


AlmondThe Struggle

Israelly Cool continues his Live Blogging of news items related to Azza. So does The Muqata. Both include video clips as well.

Tomer Devorah warns us that Everybody Wants Jerusalem. It looks like the Christians are still up to their old tricks.

Interference from the U. S. continues, but how will it be manifested next? Daled Amos suggests that Obama Is Being Advised To Pursue A Minimalist Approach In Israel-Palestinian Conflict.

Lady-Light posts part 3 of a 6 part video Interview With Joan Peters, in which she discusses the writing of her book From Time Immemorial (1984). This book reveals the truth about the geographical origins of the Arabs residing in Israel, among other things.

Jack posts The Inner Workings Of Hamas at Random Thoughts - Do they have any meaning?

The Occidental Israeli sums up the overall situation in Israel pretty well in Khaled Abu Toameh on “The Situation.”

's Everything Does Not Suck.

Elder Of Ziyon attempts to give everyone a history lesson in Jews and Arabs Living Peacefully Together. Unfortunately, I am afraid it will fall on death ears,...yet again. He also reports that the Arabs might want to learn how to live peacefully with each other first in Failing To Blow Up Israelis, Gazans Now Blow Up Each Other.

Yisrael at My Right Word reports on the "slimy behavior" of others who would prefer their own "truth" to the real truth in See How They Lie.

So sick of hearing about one blogger's Israeli "security fence" cheer leading, I decided to Unsubscribe from his e-mail notification list.

Hamas Officials Signal Willingness to Negotiate:
Good news? Check out what Snoopy at Simply Jews has to say.

Life In Israel

West Bank Mama has compiled a round-up of posts about the Gaza War from olim hadashim (new immigrants), On The Outer Edges. Meanwhile, follow Israeli By Day, American By Night, for Danny's live-blogging of his experiences as a soldier in the IDF's Golani Brigade. Here's a sample of his Memorable Moments In The IDF.

Through Josh-Colored Glasses provides us with his first-hand experiences as a soldier in the Gaza War in Thoughts On The Operation.

at Tikkun Olam posts how LIBI Supports Our Kids--We Should Support LIBI (LIBI="For the Sake of Israel's Security"), and includes a video.

Before I read Mrs. S.'s Prepare For The Day Of Reckoning at Our Shiputzim, I never would have guessed what the post was about. Would you? I think a lot of olim will be able to identify with this post.

Ricki's Mom, writing at Beneath The Wings, describes how she handled a recent Shabbath, and mention of the word "Mongol." She also mentions a midrash in connection to teaching in Teaching Embroidery- Who Says That’s an “A”?

They're not all here, yet, but The Rebbetzin's Husband reports on Making Aliyah A Reality In Allentown. Maybe they'll want to live in the modern day town of Shiloh, adjacent to the site of the Mishkan. Shiloh just celebrated its 31st Anniversary. Yeah!

PomegranateIsraeli Elections

First off, if you did not get your voter information card, and just need to find out where your polling station is, visit the following website:

Yes, it's in Hebrew. DO NOT PANIC! Scroll down a bit. You will see two empty lines to be filled in, the first with the numerical verification code found to the right, and the second with you te'udath zehuth (Israeli ID) number. Click the button to the immediate left. A new window will pop out and provide with the address of your polling location, and your polling station number.

You always just call 1-800-300-059, too.

The answers to your frequently asked questions [FAQs] about Israeli Elections can be found in English by clicking here.
Next, for this pre-Israeli elections edition, I attempted to gather the endorsements of Israeli bloggers for the table I created at the bottom of this post. But, alas, of the 50 bloggers I sent a request to, only 17 responded. (sad face)

Jacob Richman has also created a comprehensive, web portal for the elections. It includes links to political parties and additional resources.

I post my highly biased, "right-wing extremist" (your words, not mine) Guide To Israeli Political Parties. Some of my comments might just surprise you. But, whatever you do, please do not vote for the Jewish Home Party!

Natan at Lines Writing Lines has taken his own 2009 Knesset Straw Poll of the teen-agers he has encountered distributing campaign literature in Tel-Aviv.

Joe Settler posts an Imaginary Story, which includes a photo of Likud head Bibi Netanyahu and National Union head Ya'akov Ka"tz, and the potential conversation which might or might not go with it. Cosmic X points us to a Great Article About National Union Leader Ketzelah. Rafi at Life In Israel interviews National Union candidate Uri Bank., and coordinates a debate between representatives of the Likud and Israel Our Home Parties.

The Torat Yisrael Blog posts the National Union Party's Official Comic Book. I bet you didn't know they had one of those, huh?

Batya posts A Vote For Likud Is A Vote For Kadima.on Shiloh Musings. Avi at Tel-Chai Nation has some disturbing things to share about Kadima prime ministerial candidate Tzippy Livni.

If you intend to vote for a party considered to be "right-wing," then I believe the best Election Anayses For Voting are pointed out by Yisrael at My Right Word, and by Yoel Meltzer's Confusion On The Right.

A Voice Of Reason From Zion tells us why he has endorsed Avigdor Lieberman's Israel Our Home Party. Ya'ir Shalev, posting at Shiloh Musings, tells us why we should Beware Of Avigdor Lieberman, and his party.

Asher In Israland explains why he is Using His Vote Constructively by voting for The Greens.

Tomer Devorah tells us why she's not voting in The Dream Of Zion. Or is she? Check out her Last Word About The Elections.

Soccer Dad examines a disturbing article in Israeli Electorate Wants To See More Dead Civilians.


For those of you who still didn't know, American football is alive and well in Israel. According to the IFL Blog, "It’s not Football Unless it’s American Football." Follow this blog to receive updates and commentary about the current season. What DID ever happen to the Israeli Baseball League? Nya ha ha ha!


Personal Experience and Observations

Fearless Leader Jack at Random Thoughts - Do they have any meaning? writes on how to Be A Better Blogger- Write More Frequently.

Cosmic X asks Are Most Israeli Bloggers Leftists?

Bloggers Beware

Gila at My Shrapnel would like to know if these things have happened to any of you in A Minor Rant.

And, according to A Soldier's Mother Anonymous Strikes Again.

OliveTeam Blogging

You already know about The Muqata, and Batya has recently expanded Shiloh Musings to include writer Ellen Horowitz, as well as several residents of the south to report on events there.

Do you write on a team blog? How is that going? How have you enjoyed it? Positives? Negatives? Let your fellow bloggers know through meta-blogging (blogging about blogging).

OK. I'll go first by making a shameless plug for the Stop Raping Israel blog, which was founded by veteran blogger Smooth Stone. Contributors include Planck's Constant, GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD, Bar-Kokhba, and myself. I like writing for this as every contributes, and although we have a lot of similar points of view, we are actually a fairly diverse group of bloggers. Check it out!

If you would like to plug your team blog, please feel free to leave a link and a description in the comments section below.

Ads And Accessories

Toby at A Time of the Signs wants to know what you see when you look at the ad she posted in Books What are those for?

Blog Carnivals

Don't forget to submit your posts for February's edition of the Kosher Cooking Carnival. If you are interested in hosting sometime, please contact shilohmusings (at) yahoo (dot) com.

JPix is looking for bloggers to host its carnivals for April, May, and June 2009. If you are available to host any one of these months, please contact jpixcarnival (at) gmail (dot) com! In the meantime, don't forget to send in your submissions for next month's edition. And, don't forget to check out this month's edition hosted by Ilana-Davita.

Wrap Up

Ages ago, Jack told me that he has been continuing Soccer Dad's policy of giving discretion to the host.

The wrath of my discretion came down hard on one spam submission and one Christian pastor expecting that I would include a plug for his "teaching the Bible" method (Yeah, right!), among others.

Leora at Here In HP will be hosting next week's edition. Please send your posts to her via the Blog Carnival Submission Form. Personally, I find this to be the most helpful way to organizing your posts for an edition. If you're interested in hosting or receiving more information about the carnival, please contact Jack at talktojacknow (at) sbcglobal (dot) net.

Israel Blogger Endorsements

National Union
Esser Agaroth
Shiloh Musings
Ze'ev Shemer
Torat Yisrael
Mr. Cosmic X
Prof. Paul Eidelberg
Bob Martin
Avodah Ivrit
Tomer Devorah
Joe Settler
Jacob Richman
Life in Israel
West Bank Mama

Likud or NU
Coffee And Chemo

Israel Our Home
A Voice Of Reason From Zion
The Greens
Asher In Israland

Green Movement-Meimad
What War Zone?

Not Voting
The Torah Revolution


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