Sunday, September 06, 2009

Top Ten Words and Phrases of תשס"ט/5769

17 of the Sixth Month 5769

The following is the list of Top Ten Words and Phrases of תשס"ט/5769. The presentation of this list is an annual tradition.

If you don't get, don't sweat it. You're just not part my (super spiritual!) inner circle (yet). That's all.


Shannah Tovah!

10. Nonchalant

9. Disdain

8. Favicon (Credit: Nathan)

7. Post Secret (Credit: Nathan)

6. Ostentatiously Tzni'us - women who "cover" everything up, but still stick out like a sore thumb, due to big, neon, purple turbans and the like. (Credit: The Hayeh Adam Rebbe of Me'ah She'arim)

5. Un-Jews/Un-Jewish (Should be self-explanatory - Credit: Golbert & Co.)

4. Babylonians (Jews who refuse to make aliyah - see also Babylonian Talmud, Yoma 9b)

3. "My rabbi said..." from annoying women after spending a semester or two in "sem." (Credit: The Kalashnikover Rebbe)

2. "My teachers say that I should only marry a man who sits and learns all day AND is "well-established..." (Credit: MDB) ("Well-established" is code for "wealthy." Now you know why there's a so-called "shidduch crisis." It's because of "teachers" like these.) (Credit: MDB)

And the top word or phrase of תשס"ט/5769 is...

1. OMG! I am SO spiritual! (Credit: MDB)

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O.F.F. - oozing with false frumkeit

Esser Agaroth said...

OOOOOH. I like that one.