Monday, August 31, 2009

BBC 4 Interview: Shira and Daniel Gil'ad, Ramath Migron

11 of the Sixth Month 5769

Tipped off by Rafi at Life In Israel, I feel this video is well-worth re-posting.

BBC Channel 4 News interviews newlyweds Shira and Daniel Gil'ad of Ramath Migron, north of Jerusalem. Shira and Daniel actually met on Ramath Migron, and have returned as a married couple to continued their important work.

Shira is a daughter of fellow blogger David Morris of Ramath Beth Shemesh, who brought this interview to our attention on his Tzedek-Tzedek blog.

Shira did all of the speaking, being the native English speaker of the two. I thought that she came off very well.

As most of you know I am against PR/Hasbarah. (Who cares what the goyim think?!) That being said, I thought that the content of what Shirah said was clear and informative to those who don't have a clue as to the truth of what actually goes on in Israel. Shira succeeded in conveying important messages, even in spite of the biased comments of the news reporter and anchor.

I especially like how it was mentioned that Shira was proud of her grandparents being decorated by the Queen for their charity work. However, when she was in England a few years ago, she felt as if something was missing, and that she belonged in Israel.


Shtuey said...

Great interview. The anchors can call it occupied territory all they like. The land is turning green again in the hands of the only people whom Hashem gave it, blesses to make it so; Am Yisrael.

Batya said...

Impressive young lady. I've done lots of hasbara interviews like that over the years, and I think it's important. I also think that most people do dangerously rotten jobs.

Notice the stress on the need for a sic "viable Palestinian State," and no care for our dangers?

Esser Agaroth said...

...and that's one of the reasons I believe it's ok to encourage aliyah, and talk to Jews.

"Esau sone eth Ya'aqov."

Hadassa DeYoung said...

Hasbara, even outside of Israel in foreign languages is not just for non-Jews. Jew who don't yet know Hebrew hear those interviews also, and it's important that they do so. Being "a light unto the goyim" doesn't hurt either.
Hadassa (even though only Uri's name is on the address)

Esser Agaroth said...

Hadassa, I think we need to focus on the Jews, of course.

"Light unto the nations" means being a good example {Ramba"m}, and that includes doing publicly the politically incorrect things which are halachicly correct, and not pussy-footing around, or slobbering over a goy anytime he says he likes us, especially if their AZ Christians.

Arutz 7, are you reading this?