Monday, January 18, 2010

Haveil Havalim #252 Is Up Plus A Special Message From Your Fearless Leader!

4 of the Eleventh Month 5770

This week's edition of Haveil Havalim, the world's largest Jewish and Israeli blog carnival, is being hosted by Jack on the Random Thoughts blog.

It's "The Year Of Jack Edition".

Incidentally, Haveil Havalim contributors received the following e-mail from Jack, who also happens to be the current Haveil Havalim Fearless Leader (coordinator). My Esser Agaroth (commentary) follows.

Hello friends,

It is your semi-friendly neighborhood HH admin, Jack. We are in need of hosts for the rest of the year. Many of you have been spectacular and have helped carry the torch on a regular basis. I am grateful for your assistance.

Some of you who are receiving this note have speculated that you might want to host one day. I am here to ask that you do so now.

Hosting doesn't provide you with fame or fortune, but who wants that anyhow. It might however get you a waffle breakfast from our friend Jameel. Might I add that the waffle breakfast he cooked for our tiyul to Hamat Gader was amazing. You haven't lived without waffles at an alligator farm, but I digress.

Anyway, your help as always is appreciated.


In my humble opinion, hosting Haveil Havalim does have the potential to increase your blog's exposure, and my experience is that you will get a bump in hits that week, two additional incentives.

I, myself, have met plenty of interesting people, and have been introduced to several new and interesting blogs through hosting. So, you can receive the same, it that's your bag.

However, regarding a waffle breakfast from our friend Jameel, DO NOT BELIEVE IT!

Jack's use of the modal word “might,” indicating less than 100 confidence that the speech event will occur in the future, is an understatement.

The waffle breakfast bait is nothing less than a sham. Do not make the mistake of falling for it like I did!

Just some friendly advice from a your fellow blogger.

If you would like to host an edition, please contact Jack at


rutimizrachi said...

Though it may tarry, I believe with a perfect faith that a waffle breakfast will come...

Jack Steiner said...

I have confidence in waffles.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

A Sham?!


You simply haven't yet been "approved" for breakfast by the Waffle Authentication Team (managed by Jack).

DOZENS have had Muqata waffles, including those who received them for Mishloach Manot...

As Jack wrote, you MIGHT be eligible.

Maybe if you weren't a LOAG assassin in your spare time, you would have had some already.

Esser Agaroth said...

RM, but from Jameel? I think not.

Jack, It's a conspiracy against me,...obviously.

Jameel, You just like to taunght me. You're such a sadist. I have never received waffles, and I know that I never will. (spelt, no wheat, no vanilla extract, no toppings with alcohol, please.) No mishlo'ah manoth for me anyway, as I cannot relieve to you my new, secret location in JM.

Esser Agaroth said...

Jameel,...but let's get coffee again sometime....

Anonymous said...
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