Monday, December 12, 2011

Jewish Federation's "Inner Maccabee" Hanukkah Video

17 of the Ninth Month 5772

What do you think of Jewish Federation's Hanukkah video?

Tag line:

"Show us your inner Maccabee this Chanukah. Do a world of good, make a world of difference."

This video does nothing more than perpetuate the Western galuth (diaspora), Leftist brainwashing myth of Hanukkah.

Whereas, the true story of Hanukkah includes the following components:

The Maccabees killed Jews.

The Maccabees killed Jews who assimilated into foreign invaders, Hellenist culture, even though they resided in Israel. (...which begs the question, "What are we to do about the Hellenization taking place in Israel now?)

The Maccabees killed Jews who practiced avodah zarah (forbidden worship).

The Maccabees cleansed the Beth HaMiqdash (Holy Temple), and re-instituted the bringing of kosher sacrifices, something which is now considered to be politically-incorrect.

The Jewish Federation's Hanukkah video is just another attempt at revisionist history, keeping the blinds pulled over Jews' eyes, and preventing them from seeing the entire Torah.

The Jewish Federation's Hanukkah video, does present acts of kindness, which the Maccabees no doubt carried out. But, to place the focus on this during Hanukkah, is to be misleading and intellectually dishonest.

The Jewish Federation's Hanukkah video seems more like an American Christmas video, than anything else.

The Jewish Federation's Hanukkah video demonstrates that the Jewish Federation knows nothing about Hanukkah, or worse, that is does know what Hanukkah is, but doesn't want Jews to learn what it really is.

Let's face it. The Jewish Federation's Hanukkah video is crap!


Jesterhead45 said...

This is what I do not understand, I am all for creating a Jewish Culture free from Westernization / Hellenism but where does one even begin? Or to put it another way, how do Jews return to their Israelite roots (from Clothes, Food, Music, Thought, etc)?

I have constantly read about some Jews lamenting the fact that other Jews are mimicking the ways of non-Jews, from some even rallying against restaurants serving Kosher food just because the food was originally invented by non-Jews (like Pizza, Burgers, Chips, etc), with some Jews in Israel calling for more impractical stringencies that do not take into account things like the Climate in Israel (e.g. Medieval Eastern European Noblemen clothing in the case of men, Islam-inspired Jewish Burqas with subsequent vitamin D deficiency in the case of women in spite of past Biblical associations with both weddings e.g. Leah and Rachel as well as prostitution e.g. Judah and Tamar).

Nor it seems are some Jews bothering to even make any distinction between being against copying non-Jewish ideas / customs or adopting elements / being inspired by non-Jewish ideas / customs through a Jewish framework, even the Rambam was said to have been influenced by Greek rationalism, so where does it end when it comes to Jews returning to their roots and is it even our job to decide if (taking things to its logical conclusion) we ourselves are not truly practising what we are advocating?

Not to mention questions as to which Minhag is more rooted to the ancient Israelites.

Jack Steiner said...

If you want to bring more Yids closer to the kind of Torah Judaism you want you can't start out by portraying the Hashmonaim as Jewish Taliban.

Some will be inspired by that but many will run.

Esser Agaroth said...

Hi, Jesterhead, Thanks for writing. Are you Jewish? How?


I understand your point, but...

1. We shouldn't outright lie either.

2. Time is running out for the nebekhy, Woody Allen "progressives" and out of shape Kollelniks (not all are out of shape, of course). It's gonna get bad. No time for sugar with the medicine. Better that the be prepared, reject my notions, and then remember what I said about being a warrior, as well as scholar, when the food rioters start blaming the Jews, and feel like bashing some Jew-heads, and humiliating and raping B'noth Yisrael (may this never happen). Then, all of a sudden he will realize that a kitchen knife, boiling water, or chemicals in the garage can be effective weapons.

3. They were not Taliban. We have to stop identifying ourselves as comparisons, and start identifying ourselves more precisely, instead of summarily erasing history, like the Feds so often do.

4. You Jews in the U. S. do not have the luxury of being under constant threat of Arab attack like us. I say luxury, because HaShem's Shekhina is here, NOT in the U. S., and thus his lessons are also closer and clearer.

5. What version of Hanukkah will you tell your children this year?

Jesterhead45 said...

Esser Agaroth

I am a Jew born in Europe with one parent being Israeli, various circumstances however preclude me from making aliya (with NBN and the Jewish Agency being no help though I would like nothing more than to get out of Europe).

Judaism for muslims. said...

Beged Ivri for a Start?

black hats and goyim clothes wich remind us of the Ghetto,Enslave us.

Esser Agaroth said...

You are right about clothing. No need to promote the name of a company. I have another source for proper Jewish clothing. I will write about it, and have pics. later this year.

Sources of Haza"l allude to the wearing of four cornered garments on the outside.

They (and the Ramba"m) did not know of this bracha "al misswath tzitzith." Tucking this tiny thing away under ones clothes to hide from goyim, and wearing a piece of clothing which might even be too small to fulfill the requirement of tzitzith is problematic, too.