Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Impending Conjunction Of Venus And Jupiter

30 of the Eleventh Month 5772

If you are in Jerusalem, make sure to look up in the Western evening sky toward the south.

You will see the first two heavenly bodies coming into view. They are not stars, but planets. Many of you will recognize the one in the lower right as Venus. The one to its left and up is Jupiter.

They will come within four degrees of each other on March 9. On March 13, they will with a degree of each other. On March 14, Venus will have passed Jupiter, but still within a degree of it.

I mention the event for those star enthusiasts to be aware of the coming show which is set to occur shortly.

How close to one another will these two planetary bodies appear in the evening sky?

Stay tuned! We will find out together.

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