Thursday, February 23, 2012

The NachlaOr Songwriter Showcase

30 of the Eleventh Month 5772
The NachlaOr Center was filled with Jewish music lovers Tuesday night for the first night in the NachlaOr Songwriter Showcase series. The evening was hosted by Mikey Pauker, my "homeboy" from Southern California, and one of the stars of the upcoming docu-series "Hollywood Reel."

Michael Bloom, a recent immigrant from Australia started off the evening with Jewish folk music, on the guitar.

Next up was Benji Elson, originally from New Jersey, also on guitar, with his upbeat mix of Jewish folk and reggae.

Jonathan Fialka, originally from Texas, followed on guitar with his own brand of very upbeat, Jewish music. His band is called Purimm, because his music is like the holiday of Purim, beyond boundaries!

Classically trained Moshe "Maury" Epstein displayed his range from folk to traditional Jewish camp songs.

Aryeh Ben-Chaim, originally from Chile, played his original music, accompanied by Carmiela Bernstein on the cello. One of his songs included "Mitzvah Gedolah Lihiyot be'Simcha" (It is a big mitzvah to live in happiness), as well as lyrics adapted from the writings of Rabbi Natan of Breslov.

Mikey Pauker closed out the evening on guitar with his original music, covering his spiritual journey.

Local percussionist Akiva Goldberg accompanied the musicians throughout the evening.

Pasta with homemade sauce and roasted peppers, was served up by NachlaOr member Avi, a student and the Jerusalem Culinary Institute. Avi topped the meal off with the best biscotti I've had in a long time!

Original Jewish music and dinner, in a friendly atmosphere in the heart of Jerusalem' s own artistic and musical neighborhood of Nachla'ot....

Did you miss out?

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