Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Setting Precedents for Arabs to Secede from Israel

ח' לחודש הראשון תשע"ד

Events during the last 30 years have included the shift of borders, according to the will of various peoples, and how they have identified ethnically.

Even the United Nations' original Partition Plan of Israel was based on the demographic data of the time. The lines drawn dividing Pakistan and India, and India and Bangladesh, were similarly based.

The constituents of Yugoslavia broke up along ethnic, albeit a made-up country in the first place, and a mish-mash of various different peoples in the first place. the end.

Czechoslovakia broke up into its constituent Czech and Slovak peoples and territories, as soon as the opportunity arose.

Back to collapsing Yugoslavia, Kosovo's autonomy was not sufficient for it, so it took more. Even "loyal" Montenegro finally broke away in the end.

The struggles of Muslim Chechnya and Dagastan have yet to be resolved.

Ethnically Russian, South Osetia seceded from Georgia.

And now, we have Crimea, and possibly all of eastern Ukrainian breaking away from The Ukraine. Whether they end up under Russian control or not is irrelevant, as they identify as the same people or ethnicity.

Israeli President Shimon Peres and Russian President Vladimir  Putin

Meanwhile, Arabs in the Galilee have been watching these events closely. If Europeans can get away with it, then why can't they? The murmuring spreads...

Were all of the previous events orchestrated for the sake of sending "Israeli" Arabs the hint? Sounds too much like a crazy conspiracy theory, even to me. And yet, one of the roots of this issue can be traced back to the United Nations. In 1947, they had a plan for borders in this area of Israel. Even though it was the Jews who said fine, and the Arabs who said no, the United Nations has never forgotten nor forgiven the Jews for taking what they have always considered more than their fair share.

I believe that the United Nations will be very please with themselves when they get their way, and have will then be able to say, "See? We told you so. Do NOT mess with the U. N.!"

Of course, the Jew-hating U. N. would not mind in the least if Arabs ended up taking more than their fair share. Serves us right!

Exposure to cockamamie ideas such as Lieberman's "Land Exchange" plan, emboldens Arabs even further. See? Even right of center members of the Israeli Government see their own countries borders as being flexible,... not carved in stone, as it were.

Naftali Bennett's plan for Arab autonomy does as well, even though it has been presented, recycled, and re-presented many times over.

Israel's borders are to be determined by The Holy One, Blessed He, alone. We fight for the Land. We retain what we have, win more, or lose parts, according to The Almighty's Will.

Did we fight enough against the giveaways of the Sinai and Azza? Apparently not, as neither are currently in our hands.

Why are we, including those of us who walk around in public with head coverings, so desperate to chop up our Land which was Divinely promised to us?

We even won back the northern parts of Asher and Naftali's ancient, tribal territories, more commonly known to the outside world as Southern Lebanon, up to the Litani River.* But, then we retreated, effectively giving back which had been handed to us on a silver platter.

These kinds of conflicts over which nationality belongs to which piece of land in the world.may be good for the goyim, just like democracy may be their preferred manner of fulfilling one of their seven misswoth, that of setting up courts.

But, we are a people, separate and distinct. Neither are for us. Whether discussing the borders of Land, or how is should be administrated, it has already been determined for us, and communicated to us.

Eretz Yisra'el belongs to Am Yisra'el, not to the Arabs (Yishma'el), and not to the Christians (Esau), sneaking in through the back door, ready to khop (grab) Land at the soonest opportunity.

Much has been reported on the so-called demographic issues in our region. However numbers are irrelevant to the Arabs and to Jew-hating "international community." The Arabs residing in Israel have enough precedents built up to form not only the Islamic Republic of the Galilee, but the Bedouin Principality of the Negev, both sitting adjacent to  to the Oligarchy of "Palestine," three additional made up countries in the world.

Until we, as a People finally stop expressing such virulent lack of gratitude, stand up, and declare, once and for all that this is our Land, and not anyone else's, and its borders are not negotiable, we will always have less than 100 percent security that it will remain so.


*Opinions vary on the exact location of Eretz Yisra'el's norther border.


Billy said...

I'm confused about the borders of the Land of Israel. Do we go by the Nile to the Euphrates or do we just take the inheritance of the 12 tribes?

As for Arab autonomy, don't count on it. The arabs currently have the best of both worlds with de facto autonomy but tons of generous state benefits. They are pretty happy with the current situation.

Nobody wants to live in an arab ruled country, not even arabs.

Esser Agaroth said...


When HaShem decides to give us, it means it's time, and we should take it, if I understand correctly.

However, there are those who disagree with this. But, I don't know what their reasoning is.

My point is that HaShem put the Sinai into our hands, and then So. Lebanon, which was in Yehoshu'a Bin -Nun's hands. And, we didn't think too much about giving it away.

You make good points, and I hope you're right.

Usually, though, we are the ones shooting ourselves in the feet, sometimes worse than the Arabs do.

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