Sunday, September 13, 2009

Shabbath Leftovers - Nitzavim-Wayelekh 5769: Double Parshah/Double Shabbath!

24 of the Sixth Month 5769

This Shabbath was a double parshah, so I had a double Shabbath.

I was invited a long time ago, and finally went, to dinner by a family from my home town. I did not know until Wednesday that they take in Shabbath early during the summer. No problem. I simply got ready early, and was out the door by 4:30 PM. I had heard that the buses were going to start shutting down earlier than usual, in order to prepare the public for the impending change from daylight savings time to standard time. So, I didn't bother bringing bus fair, and was going to walk. My hosts live in Sanhedria, hilly but doable without getting too sweaty. I brought my spelt bread, as I going to try once and for all to cut wheat out of my diet. I put on too many kilos this summer, the season in which I usually lose weight. So, that'll be one of my "new year's resolutions:" Wheat, out you go ! (among other things, but I digress....)

I arrived for minhah at 5:15 PM. We sat down to dinner by 6:15 PM at least. We ate a comfortable pace, looked at old photos, chatted about the 'hood, and were finished by 8:30 PM.

I walked backed up and down Yehezkel Street, and stopped off to visit friends in Me'ah She'arim, which I had told them I would do. There were just about to have soup, so I sat down and joined them (eating only symbolic portions, of course). I

Gee. Do you think maybe I should cut down on my portions in addition to cutting out certain foods from my diet?

Leftovers? Oh, yeah, ...nothing special. I chopped up the last piece of (unbreaded) shnitzel, and threw it into an omelet. No big whoop....

Hmm... It seems that this is turning into more of a weekly Shabbath Report than a Shabbath Leftovers Report. No matter. As long as I am giving you a flavor of life in Israel.

Have a good week, and see you next year!

...and to those of you at the JBloggers Convention, have a nice time. As you may already know, I am not in attendance. (It's taking place as I write this.) Still, when you're at the convention, look at for a surprise from Esser Agaroth!


Next week: Rosh HaShanah Leftovers!

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