Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Truth About Shimon Peres,...Finally!

כ"ט לחודש החמישי תשע"ב Peres Under Attack For Undermining Leadership 
MK Matalon (Israel Our Home Party): authority rests with Prime Minister. Source near PM: "Peres has forgotten what his job is."

Gil Ronen, August 16, 2012

President Shimon Peres is under attack for undercutting the elected government's stance on the Iranian threat. Besides stating a position that runs counter to the Prime Minister's in a television interview, he is also reported to have accused Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak, in closed conversations, of "terrible irresponsibility" in the Iranian matter. (cont.)

Finally, someone else (besides me) actually noticed Prez Peres stepping out of bounds, when it comes to his apolitical role as President of the State of Israel.  I have been writing about this for years.  As president, Shimon Peres has been anything but apolitical or symbolic.  Clearly, he is calling the shots, and isn't even trying to hide it!

Yet, as you can see for yourselves, from the K'nesseth's Official Website, the role of the President of the State of Israel is hardly more than symbolic.
Basic Law: The President

Functions and powers
11. (a) The President of the State -

(1) shall sign every Law, other than a Law relating to its powers;

(2) shall take action to achieve the formation of a Government and shall receive the resignation of the Government in accordance with Law;

(3) shall receive from the Government a report on its meetings;

(4) shall accredit the diplomatic representatives of the State, shall receive the credentials of diplomatic representatives sent to Israel by foreign states, shall empower the consular representatives of the State and shall confirm the appointments of consular representatives sent to Israel by foreign states;

(5) shall sign such conventions with foreign states as have been ratified by the Knesset;

(6) shall carry out every function assigned to him by Law in connection with the appointment and removal from office of judges and other office-holder's.

(b) The President of the State shall have power to pardon offenders and to lighten penalties by the reduction or commutation thereof.

(c) The President of the State shall carry out every other function and have every other power assigned to him by Law. 

What would have happened if Chaim Weitzman or Moshe Katzav crossed into the realm of politics?

It would not have been tolerated.


Devorah Chayah said...

I just blogged about this, too. Love that pic of him you posted. He was 89 today. I prefer to think that he is like the poster boy for secular Zionism and that when he goes, it will,too. How much longer can it last?

Anonymous said...

B"H - How can you talk about OUR President like this? This is not only lashon hora, it also is baseless hatrate for which everyone knows we paid a terrible price once: Do you want it to happen again to us? Besides, Shimon cannot "err", what a silly proposition. Everything what he says is right, biright and triright if not else because he says it, says it, says it. Our holy State, which is a stage toward redemption is rightly proud of our national Simon and of everything he did, does and will do or say.[ironic]

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