Saturday, August 11, 2012

True Modesty

The following is a comment for the Facebook wall, of anyone who shared the above image:

Physical modesty is probably one of Jewish women's most important mitzvah.  Thus The Yiddishe Cup applauds the posting of this picture.

However, it also is important to point out that there are plenty of women, who are completely covered according to halakha (Jewish law), and yet are not in the least bit modest.

Brainwashing by some of the seminaries is one force behind this problem, and the complete lack of consistency in the observance of this concept.  Emotional castration of their husbands in public, the hutzpah of arguing with their husbands in public about halakha, debating which minhaggim (customs) they should or should not keep (as if they had a choice) are all NON-Jewish behaviors.  This is not how a Bat-Yisra'el is supposed to act.

These behaviors all have their sources in galus.  This feminism, cleverly disgused by the "heksher" (certificate) from an emotionally castrated Seminary head, brow beaten into sticking his nose into a sefer where it belongs, and giving his wife whatever she wants. The days of being the educator of your wife is over,...until Mashi'ach comes to set us all straight במהרה בימינו!

The age of defacto female "rabbis," cleverly called by the heavily overused and misused term "Rebbetzin" are well under way.  (God help us!).  Your sharing of gemara with women does not help the situation.  When they have gotten all of their hovot (obligations) perfectly, THEN they can have the luxury of learning gemara.

The truth is that very few women these days can achieve this, due to their confusion of Western concepts and culture with Jewish concepts.  The few women on this high level do not feel the need to publicize it, due to their TRUE modesty. And so, we may never learn who these women are.

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