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Is Anyone Really Surprised That Jewish Homes Were Destroyed On Shabbat?

מוצש"ק פר' ואתחנן תשע"ב  
Police demolish a building in the Mitzpeh Avichai outpost on the Sabbath. ‘They’re adding insult to injury,’ residents say.

Maayana Miskin, August 4, 2012

Border police evicted Jews from the Mitzpeh Avichai outpost in the Hevron region on Saturday, residents of the area report. 

The outpost has been destroyed and rebuilt dozens of times. Homes have sometimes been destroyed in the middle of the night, and on at least one occasion, residents say, an Arab demolition crew stole valuables. However, they said Saturday night, never before have police carried out a demolition on the Sabbath. 

Resident Aryeh Davis accused the police of “adding insult to injury.” Davis, who has previously spoken to Arutz Sheva, said, “It’s not enough to destroy the land of Israel, they have to do it on the Sabbath, too.” (cont.)
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C'mon!  Is anyone really surprised that Jewish homes were destroyed, and Jews were left homeless on Shabbath?

This was not the first time this occurred.  One of the first times the Israeli Defense Forces [IDF] expelled Jews from their homes in Havath Gil'ad in the Shomron (Samaria), was on Shabbath, and with a falsified permit to do so from the IDF Chief Rabbinate.

Esser Agaroth forecasts that this evil strategy will be employed more in the future.

The Erev-Rav controlled government, its army, and its police force all know full well just how limited [real] Torah observant Jews are when it comes to defending their homes from destruction on Shabbath.

Or are they....

Stay tuned.

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