Thursday, August 23, 2012

God And "Israeli" Arabs

ה' לחודש השישי תשע"ב
YNET: Arab Israelis 'Have Nowhere To Hide' If War Breaks Out 
Shortage of shelters in Arab communities throughout Israel concerns residents amid reports of possible strike in Iran; some say will flee to relatives in territories if missiles fall 

Hassan Shaalan, August 21 2012

Israel's Arabs are extremely concerned by the mounting tensions between Israel and Iran and claim that the lack of shelters in their cities will leave them exposed in case a war erupts.

According to data obtained by Ynet, nearly half of Israel's Arabs do not own gas masks, and most of them would have nowhere to hide in case Israel is attacked.(cont.)

Hmm...  So, that's how HaShem intends to take care the problem, that we refuse to deal with.

Well, actually, this wouldn't the first time Jews tried to second guess The Almighty.

But, maybe He will do something.  Or, maybe He will bring us close, expecting that His direct encouragement will inspire us to do the misswah, and finish the job.


One can only hope. 

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