Saturday, August 25, 2012

Where Are All The Sudanese Infiltrators Coming From?

מוצש"ק פר' שופטים תשע"ב

Op-Ed: Where the Sudanese Infiltrators are Coming From

Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi, May 24, 2012

The new state of South Sudan has fallen into tribal chaos. Israel is suffering from the situation. When the state of South Sudan came into existence last July, with great fanfare, Israel was one of the first nations to recognize it, having provided support for South Sudanese leaders since the 1960s during the first civil war.

Indeed, in late December, Salva Kiir Mayardit - the president of South Sudan - came to Jerusalem, where he discussed the unique prospect of locating the country's embassy there. It was therefore no surprise that President Shimon Peres spoke so enthusiastically of the visit as a "moving and historic moment" for him and Israel.

Now, less than a year later, in light of Israel's plans to deport South Sudanese refugees, it is worth taking a look at how the world's youngest nation is faring. (cont.) 

I'll tell you where the Sudanese refugees are coming from.

Originally, those seeking asylum found their way to Israel, attracted by the State's sense of political correctness, and desire to be a "globalist team player.

See how State President Shimon Peres slobbers kvells over compliments from goyim (non-Jews)?  Moving and historical moment?  Gimme a break!  This is the same ol' national co-dependent reactions we've been seeing for generations.  Of course, it's getting worse.  The more expression of hate toward Jews in the world, the more slobbering there is.

All of the protests against allowing the Sudanese have free reign over our country have been hushed up.  I haven't heard of any in a long.  Chances are, the Leftist handlers have incited their minyons to protest their usual causes.  You know, the ones showing support for our Yishma'elit enemy.

Giving them something to cry about, which leads them to believe that they'll be accepted as a fellow European always seems to put a sparkly into their smiles.

Meanwhile, the Sudanese no longer see us as compassionate members of the "international community."

They see us as suckers.  In Hebrew the word is פראירים (fri-erim).

There are even Sudanese who find the money to fly to Cairo, and then make the trek to Israel anyway they can.

That's supposed to be a refugee?

Furthermore, why doesn't anyone bother to ask questions such as...

"Where are all of the refugees fellow Muslims?"

"Where is the expression of merciful, Quranic justice we're always having crammed down our throats?"

...regarding those refugees who are not Muslim...

"Why should Israel be responsible for welcoming avodah zarah (foreign/forbidden practices) into its land, to receive support from its money?

...and finally...

"Wait a minute?!  Wasn't it Muslims who were behind the violence and oppression of these refugees in the first place?"

Nope.  Nobody dares asks these questions.

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