Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Death Of The IDF Hesder Yeshivas

ב' לחודש השנים עשר תשע"ג

The following report signals the beginning, or rather the middle, of the end of the Israel Defense Forces [IDF] Yeshivah study program, known as "Hesder."
Arutz 7: Report: Hesder First Year Students Being Called Up
In an unprecedented move, the IDF has begun drafting those students in their first year of yeshiva who have not yet registered in hesder.

David Lev, February 10, 2013

In an unprecedented move, the IDF has begun drafting students in their first year of Hesder yeshiva who are not yet registered within the framework of the Hesder system, Arutz Sheva has been informed. As a result, thousands of 18 year olds currently in Hesder yeshivot may be required to serve a full three year stint in the army, as part of the general soldier units, as opposed to the Hesder units they expected to serve in - unless they register immediately. (cont.)

I am not in the least bit surprised, and neither should anyone else be.

Hesder seems to have been the bane of the IDF, at least since many Hesder Roshei Yeshivoth signed onto a joint statement instructing students/soldiers to refused orders to throw Jews out of their homes in Azza (Gaza)

Meanwhile the mamlakhti (undying State loyalist) rabbis were instructing their students to confuse Torah with State law.  Those of these rabbis who found the so-called "Disengagement" from Azza particularly distasteful suggested that soldiers feign illness, faint, or arrange for transfers, in order to avoid participating, as if that was a practical and intellectually honest solution.  It was not.

Some of these "rabbis" instructed their students, in no uncertain terms, not to violate orders from their IDF commanders. 

The Hesder rabbis put their jobs and yeshivas on the line, for the sake of what was right, placing Torah over anti-Torah laws of the State of Israel.

MK Elazar Stern
Now, it seems it is payback time.  And it looks like it might get ugly.
I suspect that this stems from the legacy of former Maj. Gen., now MK, Elazar Stern.  As head of IDF personnel, the Hesder Yeshivah program appeared to be his least favorite, and strove for "integration" of its soldiers into regular units, in other words units not in the least bit connected with Torah,...save for perhaps the access to kosher food, and the minimal periods of time allotted for prayer.

My guess is that this not the only legacy he will be leaving us.  Plus, now, he is one of the decision makers.  Having shown his undying loyalty to the State, and to following orders, he will no doubt have the ears of his fellow MK's.

Stay tuned

I find also it not in the least bit surprising that the ultra-mamlakhti pre-IDF Mekhinah program has been left untouch, no doubt for doing the State's bidding of brain-washing indoctrinating the State's religious (and secular) young adults into "just following orders."

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