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Judea And Samaria Lead The IDF Charge? So What's Stopping Them?

כ"ח לחודש האחד עשר תשע"ג
Arutz 7: Judea and Samaria Lead the Charge in IDF
Young men from Judea and Samaria are most likely to serve as combat soldiers, and are likely to become officers as well.

Maayana Miskin, January 16, 2013

Young men from Judea and Samaria are most likely nationwide to enlist as combat soldiers in the IDF, according to new data on army enlistment.
Click to enlarge: Ever wonder what the different colored IDF berets meant?  (from

Other localities led in overall youth enlistment due to low female enlistment in Judea and Samaria. The top place went to the Upper Galilee, which had 92.3% enlistment among youth, including 79% enlistment in combat units.

In second place was Lehavim near Be’er Sheva, and in third was Misgav, next to Carmiel.

Female IDF enlistment is usually low in religious-Zionist communities, where many women prefer civilian national service. Women who are religiously observant are automatically exempt from IDF service.
Last time I checked, exemptions not so automatic.  Letters from rabbis are required.  But, perhaps that is just a formality.  A neighbor of mine in K'far Tapu'ah had regular visits from the IDF, pushing her to get the paperwork for her marriage submitted to the Interior Ministry already, which would give her an automatic exemption.
IDF Officer Rank Insignia
 The IDF figures also looked at the number of youth from each district who went on to become IDF officers. The number of officers was linked to socio-economic strength, with youth from richer districts more likely to undergo officer training.
No surprises here.  To bad this study did not include statistics on Ashkenazim vs. non-Ashkenazim.  I have some theories about that....
In first place was the Efrata regional council, where 22.2% of youth become IDF officers. In second was the Oranit regional council with 19%, in third was Zevulun with 16.7%, and in fourth was Emek Yisrael with 15%. Efrata is in the Gush Etzion region of Judea, and Oranit straddles the line between Samaria and the Gush Dan region.

So, with all of these residents of Yehudah and Shomron (Judea and Samaria) placed in combat and leadership roles, why are there still Jewish neighborhoods and hilltop communities being destroyed?

Why are their residents still being thrown out of their homes?

Why aren't these soldiers from Yehudah and Shomron refusing orders to execute such atrocities?

The answer to these questions is the same as the answer to these additional questions:

Why are lands being handed over to Yishma'elim (Arabs)?  Why are Yishma'eli petitions over land still being heard in Israeli courts?

Either we conquered it, or we didn't.  Why can't we make up our minds already? 

The answer to all of these questions is simple:  Mamlakhti (undying State-loyalist) rabbis.

That's what's stopping these soldiers from refusing to participate in Israel's self-destruction.

If these rabbis would start exercising their influence, by pronouncing the truth about the Land of Israel and the halakhah, and stop worrying about what the politicians and what the goyim would say, then I guarantee you that the IDF would be taking a very different direction than its current one.

It would still be far from perfect, but it would be a lot less worse than it is, and the IDF would be a lot more Jewish, indeed.

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