Sunday, February 17, 2013

Top Ten POSSIBLE Reasons Pope Benedict XVI Resigned

מוצש"ק פר' תרומה תשע"ג

Here are the Top Ten POSSIBLE reasons Pope Benedict XVI (Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger) resigned, emphasis on the word "POSSIBLE."  This is ONLY speculation.  I am not in possession of ANY evidence, supporting ANY of the reasons listed.

10. His failure to move the Catholic Church in the direction he wanted, fast enough, was frustrating him.

Poop Benedict XVI
9. His failure to recruit more priests and nuns was frustrating him.

8. His failure to grab more and more land in Israel for the Vatican was frustrating him.

From South Park Se10 Ep11 "Hell On Earth 2006"
7. It was becoming increasingly difficult to keep his pedophile priests under control, and that was overwhelming him.

6. It was becoming increasing difficult to recruit priests into becoming pedophiles, and that was frustrating him.

Ratzinger = Rat Singer
5. His resignation was part of a deal to cover up his involvement in a scandal,...other that pedophilia.

4. He was threatened, and forced to resign, in a power play by another aging cardinal.

3. He was pushed out, in order to put in a politically-correct pope, who would attract more followers.

2. He was offered a higher position of authority in the Illuminati hierarchy he could not refuse.
And the number one POSSIBLE reason Poop Benedict XVI resigned is...
1. He knows that Vatican security will soon fail, and he will no longer be safe from the common people's exacting of justice.

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