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Esser Agaroth Defends John Galliano?

י"ח לחודש השנים עשר תשע"ג

No, not exactly.  But, please read on....

YNET: Galliano's Outfit: Anti-Semitic Or Just Eccentric?
New York Post posts photo of disgraced fashion designer wearing hat, ringlets described as resembling those of a Hasidic Jew

February 14, 2013

Fashion designer John Galliano didn't appear at New York Fashion Week, but he made headlines there anyway. Galliano landed on the front of the New York Post on Wednesday under the headline "Shmuck!" with a photo of the designer wearing a hat and ringlets described as resembling those of a Hasidic Jew. (cont.)

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John Galliano, committing several fashion violations
Esser Agaroth (2¢):
As an introduction as to why I am even bothering to comment on this, I'll just say that I know one or two things about [Western] fashion, so this story caught my eye, and leave it at that.

Those of you who know me personally are in constant disbelief when I say things like this, since you all think that I dress too schlumpy casually.

Regarding Galliano's pseudo-Hassidishe ensemble, "disappointing" is an understatement.

Funny, that the ADL defends him.  They previously "forgave" him, and "welcomed him back into fashion," whatever the heck THAT is supposed to mean, if the ADL had the authority to decide what was fashionable.  OY!

See what I mean?

Why is the ADL even still around?  I am so sick of its whining about "problems," and its lack of participation in the only solution for the physical and spiritual improvement of the lives of Jews: Aliyah! - immigration to Israel.

But, I digress...

Whether John Galliano loves Jews or hates Jews, who cares?  So, buy his stuff, or don't buy his stuff!  Why his previous employer, Christian Dior fired him must have had something to do with whether he was, or was not, making the fashion house money.  That's the bottom line in the fashion industry.

My experience?  Bad designs AND bad publicity are both, generally speaking, NOT money-makers.

I think that Galliano's biggest "crime" here was trying desperately to get attention obtain publicity, any way he could.

I am familiar with Galliano's work.  And it is really not bad,...usually.

What Galliano needs to do is to take a lesson from his current employer Oscar de la Renta, who is known for his consistency.  This, I think, is one of Galliano's biggest problems.  He is highly inconsistent.  If it is true about his drinking,...well,...that has probably not been helping matters.

He also needs to take his design concepts, and stop his silly, poser eccentricities.  And, in my not-so-humble opinion, that is exactly what his whole pseudo-Hassid look was about.

Perhaps he was trying to set a fashion trend. I don't know.  Then if he could also get across his feelings towards Jews through his design, then my guess is that would simply have been the frosting on his cake.

He made a gross miscalculation.  Nothing more. Nothing less.

Here is a look at a couple more of his miscalculations...

Big hat, big tie, whiskers.  I can't tell them apart.  Can you?


What is it with Galliano and hats?
Yes, haute couture can be over-the-top to say the least.  But, there is still a difference between haute couture and attempted-attention-getting-idiocy.

Hmmm...There I go again,...getting involved with עלמא דשיקרא (the world of lies), and having a galuth (exile) relapse.

Nobody's perfect.

But, at least I try to keep things in perspective.

Do you?

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