Thursday, February 21, 2013

Iowa: Blame The Jew!

י"ב לחודש השנים עשר תשע"ג Perfidy in Iowa - Again 
Rabbi Chaim Goldberger, February 17, 2013

The people of Iowa must be very proud of their Department of Justice this week. Its successful prosecution of film producer and notorious thief Wendy Weiner Runge culminates this week in her incarceration in the Mitchellville women’s prison for high crimes of fraud and conspiracy against the state.

There is only one problem. Runge is not a thief. She committed no act of fraud. She is guilty of no act of conspiracy, and she is not a well-known movie producer. And her only notoriety comes from the treatment she has received in the local media, who decided to paint her as the brains behind a treasury-gouging crime scheme long before she appeared in any court to determine if any of the above assumptions bore any resemblance to the truth...

...Not one of the fraud, conspiracy and theft charges against her was proven, and every one of them was dismissed. Runge is heading to jail over one transgression: She made an amendment to an application form for future film projects, after the deadline for doing so had passed. She had filed the form as a favor to a California filmmaker and was trying, a little late, to correct one error she had made in the application. Tom Wheeler had told her it would be OK for her to make the amendment and, based on that assurance, she did it.

That is the entirety of Runge’s offense.

Where in this great nation is a nonviolent offender with no criminal history who is a married mother of four and a longtime member of a close-knit community sent to prison for up to 10 years for making a clerical adjustment with the approval of the appropriate government commissioner and for which she received no financial gain?

In Iowa, apparently.  (cont.)

(Tip Credit: Hillel Levin)

Iowa State Flag (Click to enlarge)
Check out the words on the Iowa State flag: "Our liberties we prize, and our rights we will maintain."  Yeah, right!

This is the second railroading of a Jew in the state of Iowa we have seen in recent years.  It high time that the remaining Jews in Iowa pack up and leave.  Then while they are at it, they might as well keep going to their only true homeland, the land of Israel.

Hillel, who brought this story to my attention, also points out that Iowa (איווה) also has the gematria (Hebrew numerological value) of 28, or כח (power).  Power to push Jews around?  Power to motivate them to come to Israel?  I am not sure if there is any connection here, but it's food for thought....

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