Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Mayor Zevulun Orlev? God Help Us!

ג' לחודש החמישי תשע"ג

Arutz 7: Zevulun Orlev May Run for Jerusalem Mayor

July 9, 2013

Former MK Zevulun Orlev was approached recently by Jewish Home supporters requesting he lead the party list in the upcoming municipal Jerusalem elections, and run for Mayor. They said he had the best chance of uniting religious Zionism in the capital, leading them to victory. Orlev said he wasn't personally planning to run, but would consider it if granted the widest support possible.

Jewish Home Chairman Naftali Bennett and Housing Minister Uri Ariel have also expressed their support of the candidacy.

Zevulun Orlev apparently looking backwards at a sign."Mafdal: The National Religious Party"
The National Religious Party is neither national, religious, nor a party. Discuss amongst yourselves!
Esser Agaroth (2¢):
"Approached?" Oh, I'll just bet he was approached!

This smells of the aftermath of some kind of deal. Orlev must have some kind of remnant of a power base, which he is holding over the heads of those currently in charge, Bennett and Ariel.

As National Religious Party Chair, he refused to leave the Sharon government until the last minute, and then just sat there while 10,000 Jews were kicked out of their homes in Azza, and their land handed over to hostile, enemy Yishma'elim (Arabs),...and in collaboration with none other than the YeSh"A (Judea, Samaria, and Gaza) Council. See the must-see, 40 minute film "Meraglim" ("Spies"), to learn exactly how the council members collaborated.

Orlev then lost the party leadership to Daniel "let's sit on a roundtable discussion with Arabs" Hershkovitz, ran for it again, and lost again to current "Jewish Home Party" Chair Naftali Bennett.

While former City Council Member Aryeh King (NRP-Otzmah) goes out into the field and busts his tuchus to protect Jerusalem lands from Arab squatters and illegal builders,...

While former City Council Member Mina Fenton (NRP) does the same to protect the residents of Jerusalem and elsewhere from Christian missionaries and other assorted sneakiness,..

While Rabbis Yisra'el Ariel (Temple Institute), Yosef Elboim (Belz), and Baruch Kahane risk much personally for the sake of Har HaBayith (Temple Mount),...

What does Zevulun Orlev do?

Politics and power playing intrigues behind the scenes.

Hmm... It looks like I may even be tempted to vote for a non-religious, mayoral candidate this time around.


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