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There's a Christian in my Soup (יש נוצרי בתוך המרק שלי)

כ"ח לחודש השישי תשע"ג

This poster has been seen plastered all over the Shomron (Samaria), in an attempt to wake up the Jews still in denial that there is a problem (and not just in the Shomron). A translation into English follows.

The Christians are waiting in ambush for Jews in the fields and in the vineyards to murder their souls.

On Har Bracha and other Jewish towns in the Shomron in the Binyamin Area hundreds of organized and dangerous missionaries have already penetrated into them - the "Hayovel" organization, under the leadership of Tommy Waller and his family may their names be blotted out:

From the video: We will share with them the Yesh"u* (Jesus) that we know.... Our goal and vision is to organize an infrastructure, with the participation of as many communities as possible, to labor and to work shoulder to shoulder with Israelis in the field, to bring the gospel of Yesh"u to [them] one at a time, one family at a time.

"So you that you keep the evil from your midst." (Deut.13:6) 
Everyone who can assist in publicizing and keep away the danger will be blessed!

Waller and his friends ruthlessly work on Jews to the point that the Jewish owners of the vineyards and fields are dependent upon the contaminated hands of these Christians. Wisdom and righteousness will not stand because of them "...for a gift blinds the eyes of the wise, and perverts the words of the righteous."  (Deut.16:19)

The Committee to Save Jewish Children from Missionaries


*The "name" Yesh"u is actually an acronym יש"ו = ימך שמו וזכרו "May his name and memory be blotted out!"

Praytell, who is that be with the head
Jeezer worshiper Tommy Waller? Could it
be David HaIvri, the Head of the Shomron
Council Liaison Desk to North America?
I guarantee you that discovering a Christian in your soup (or matzah) will render it not kosher. All Jews will not disagree with this statement.

However, what so few of us care to acknowledge, at least not in public, is that when a Christian makes your soup (or wine), it is also not kosher.

The one thing the poster left out, and I will assume it was done for clarity's sake, was that the Christians believe that they are entitled to our Land. Whether they are "Two House" nuts, believing in their right to the north (Israel/Efraim), while Jews will inhabit the south (Judea), or simply because of their belief that having accepted their false deity/messiah/rebbe (להבדיל), or whatever they call him these days, (assuming that he even ever existed, and is not simply a composite figure, for example), was the right move, and the Jews lose for not having joined them in their avodah zarah (foreign/forbidden practices).

Either way you slice it, it's us or it's them.

Who's side are you on?


Make sure to read part 2: Christian Soup Follow-Up!


Devorah Chayah said...


Anonymous said...

B"H - Well said! There are a few things one can add, one of which certainly is the corruption this xtian volunteering trade is creating in the Shomron. There are hundreds of thousands if not millions of shekels are involved in the free (slave) work alone, forget about the donations. This means that there is a chain of material beneficiaries: The farmer who doesn't have to pay Jews for doing the work on his farm, the politician, who sees this as his occult election-campaign financing-source, the Religious Zionist "rabbi" who hammers out a new and extreme Kookist doctrine, in view to increase his power, by insisting on replacing the love of Hashem with the love of other entities, like the Land and the People of Israel. These entities have sanctity in the Torah, but when they are lifted out from their proper context, they become idols and their worship: Minut, a new religion, "Religious Zionism" in which many people worship the Zionist State and its non-Jewish institutions.

YMedad said...

a) are you absolutely sure they are missionizing? have you incontrovertible proof? please share.

b) they have been active in their volunteering for about 8 years now. do you have statistics or any other data as to how many Jewish souls have gone over to the other side?

c) since the Bible (the Old Testament, that is) indicates that non-Jews will come to the Land of Israel, drawn by our success in revitalizing it, and their prayers and sacrifices are to be accepted while they are still non-Jews, and their help and assistance will be provided for the building of Jerusalem's walls and the harvesting our vineyards, and eventually, many will attach themselves to the Jewish nation, how, to your mind, is that going to happen any different than what is happening now?

d_ if a vineyard owner does not have enough help from amongst Jews, who should his first choice be: (1) a Buddhist Thai? (2) a possible terrorist Arab? (3) a HaYovel volunteer?

Devorah Chayah said...


Even you can not deny that they are xians. EVERY xian is a missionary. Missionizing is one of their two great mitzvahs. 1)Be baptized 2)Go into the whole world - to the Jew first and then the gentiles - a make disciples. Be fruitful and multiply and make baby xians.

Meidad, you are not in the game and you don't understand the rules. They only differ on the tactics and let me tell you 'tactics' is everything. It is considered a spiritual war and a lot of time, effort, money and brainstorming goes into campaign strategizing. Some, like JWs go door to door and create their own opportunities. Others wait for 'the lord' to create the opportunities. In such a case, their job is to "break down the barriers" and "build a relationship" with a potential convert so that one day that most important conversation will take place when they will ask the xian "about the hope that is in them," what makes them so different and then they will launch into missionary mode and the person has now obligated himself to listen since he asked. Trust and affection have been cultivated and this is the most fertile ground for missionizing. The person targeted for conversion may not even realizing this is what is happening. It's just two friends having a heart to heart. They've been perfecting their techniques for two thousand years and finally realized after 1800 of them, that they can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

So a) Do you have incontrovertible proof that they will NOT missionize given an opportunity? With all their 'love' for the Jew, if one asks them - can you seriously expect them to withhold from this Jew what they believe is the most precious gift God ever gave to mankind - "salvation through His son?" If not, then it is forbidden to take the risk!!

b)Again, do YOU have statistics or any other data as to how many Jewish souls have NOT gone over to the other side (God forbid)or been adversely affected in any other way by their active avodah zarah being performed in the Shomron?

How do you know that the threat to remove us from our land once again is not being caused directly from HKB"H's anger over us allowing so much idolatry in our holy land? Some missionaries have even built pagan altars in our land!

c) These xians are not the fulfillment of these prophecies even though they took upon themselves to try and then to tell Jews they had succeeded. It refers to a time YET TO COME when Truth has been fully revealed in the world and there are no longer false religions among the goyim. I really don't think you believe in the prophecies of the Tanakh, Meidad. It's just convenient for you that the Wallers do.

Devorah Chayah said...


d) I garnered from what one vineyard owner said that they have used this opportunity of having 'free' labor to enlarge their vineyard to the point that now they are dependent on it or they will go broke if they lose it. That was just greedy and very stupid. What? They thought they are going to be their 'slaves' forever now? What did they plan to do when HaYovel might lose their funding (oh, you really thought they do this for free?), or no longer attracted volunteers. Or maybe they are privy to proven and documented missionary Lars Enarson's collaboration with HaYovel to train and send ever more missionaries to work through HaYovel Ministries. {oh yes, one of the tactics: Waller himself keeps quiet to buy the Jews' cooperation and then funnels missioanries in through HaYovel and if one of them is ever caught at it, they send him home (privately patting him on the back) and promise to screen their volunteers more closely, - it's called plausible deniability.

d) Did you take your lesson from those who keep telling us the only solution is a two-state solution?

There are other options than those you have listed. Here are a few...

1) OU kashrut rabbis are currently working on a plan to involve NCSY youth and other Jews as volunteers. I don't think any vineyard owner ever asked Jews for help before Waller approached them.

2) Maybe they should limit the size and scope of their operation to what they can actually afford to handle.

3) And here's a really novel idea. Maybe they could actually pay a livable wage to a Jew to do the job or would that simply cut too far into the profit margin?

I'll never forget a conversation I had with a man in Shilo many years ago. I asked him why so many Arabs doing construction there and he told me, "ideally" he would like to use Jewish labor, but "realistically," he saves too much money hiring Arabs over Jews.

You and he have the same problem, Meidad - lack of faith in HKB"H. You don't REALLY believe that He owns all the money and that He CAN and WILL provide all what you need if you do the right thing by your brothers and stop thinking it's all up to YOU.

Do your friends a favor. Pass along this message. Everyone has been warned, so now there is no excuse. If this situation does not change, HKB"H HIMSELF will solve the problem and I promise, you will not like it.

Geula Girl said...

Over the past 5 years much proof has been brought about the intentions of Hayovel and volunteers to missionize and settle the land. One only need to google Waller or Hayovel to see this. Of course Waller has deleted most of the proof on the internet. Your asking for statistics of lost Jewish souls is ridiculous. Once there are enough lost souls to be able to obtain statistics, it will be too late. Is free labor worth even one lost Jewish soul? If I warned you of someone that had the intention to kill Jews would you ask for dead bodies for proof? Hayovel volunteers missionize in other areas of Israel while they are here. As Waller stated in the beginning, his was a long term plan. First build relationships with Jews. He has achieved that as can be seen in his newest documentary which shows Jews telling of the love and gratitude between them and the volunteers. You need only to visit the Hayovel website to see a video of vineyard owner tell of the spiritual experience he had with the volunteers while they were singing and dancing with him, which is how they worship yeshu. Volunteers with Hayovel are told not to put anything about their activities on the internet. They lie and manipulate. Waller claimed in an interview with the 5 towns jewish newspaper that his volunteers are separated and have no contact with Jews while they are here volunteering, which is the biggest lie ever. Waller's son Brayden and his wife Tali attended the inauguration two months ago of Lars Enarson's missionary training commune in Sweden. Why? because this is a joint project with Hayovel in which the missionary trainees will volunteer in the vineyards as part of their training. Why? because the missionary trainees are being trained to missionize Jews specifically. See blog post Of course the link has been removed. Wallers are already living here 6 months out of the year, as he stated in his interview with Erik Stakelbeck. Once they are allowed to live here on a permanent basis, the masks will come off but it will be too late and you and the other erev rav jews who helped them and defended them will be responsible for every soul they steal. Your claim that this is fulfilling prophecy just proves you have been drinking the cool aid for too long. I'm not a prophet so I can't know how it will play out but I certainly know that Hashem wouldn't expect us to go against halachah to fulfill prophecy. I also know that your basing your actions on the xian interpretation of that prophecy. It is clear that this prophecy takes place after the Beit HaMikdash is rebuilt and when there is a Jewish king, messiah and Sanhedrin. And the non-Jews it refers to will be following the laws of Noah, which your volunteers are not. xians have for two thousand years tried to convince Jews of their claims by using the words of our prophets, this is nothing new.
As for your three choices of workers, this was already addressed by others on your blog.

It is obvious you will never be convinced as your emotional connection to xians has already affected your soul and confounded your judgement. My only hope is to warn the true G-d fearing Jews out there to fight against this.

"A person should always remember that he must not make a partnership with a non-Jew or forge a covenant with him, for we find that Abraham made a partnership with Abimelech, and ultimately they forged a covenant with Abraham...Accordingly our sages said, "If someone makes a partnership with a non-Jew, it is as though he worships idols and forges a convenant with him. If he is a Torah scholar, he will show scorn for his Torah and profane the name of his Father in Heaven. He will squander his money, give his sons to the gentiles, slay his sons with the sword, exile them from their land and sell them to idolatry."
Tanna Devei Eliyahu Rabba, 7

Esser Agaroth said...

YMedad, Thanks for writing.

I have absolutely no chance, nor at this point, interest in trying to convince you to change you opinion.

However, as has been stated (See the follow up to this post), it is important to put information out there for those Jews currently unaware of the situation in the Shomron, and elsewhere.

I'll address your comments point by point.

a) Please see the video posted here, as well as the comments in the follow up post.

b) No, I do not. But, what about suborning the practice of A"Z (in this case worshiping a false deity) on our Land? This is most certainly assur. Allowing the potential permanent dwelling of A"Z in the Land is also assur (See Ramba"m Hil. A"Z Ch. 10) Does Waller's son and daughter in law still have a caravan? Why?

c) Simply put, they are not accepted either way, practicing A"Z on our Land. They would certainly not be accepted as gerei toshav, when we begin doing so, as they are "bal tosif" (I can cite the Rishonim, in addition to the Ramba"m, for you next week). A"Z is considered pollution, and such sacrifices would not be accepted, when they are truly offering them up to a false deity, an intercessor, a false form of The Almighty, what have you.

d) Very odd that you brought this up, as there are several examples I will remind you from your own town. At least one resident has Thais. The joke going around at the time was that your towns cat problem was clearing up, but no matter. They were finally removed, not because of A"Z (as they should have been) but because of the Marijuana plants one of my students discovered and reported.

Potential terrorists? Besides that brick path and the associated incidents made by the potential terrorists allowed into the town by mistake, there is the vineyard which used "Palestinians," as the owner claimed he could not get any or enough Jews to work. Whereas, across the road, in I. R.'s vineyard, there never seemed to be any problem finding Jews nor paying them a decent wage. I confirmed the use of "Palestinian" workers with the Ravshatz at the time, when I reported to him a potential theft in progress. He told me, no, he allows his workers to pick. Well, you can tell us whether this Jew has done teshuvah or not.

Christian volunteers? Of course not! The neighbors should come together and take the time to help during the harvest, in a worst case scenario. Better that the grapes rot on the vine, and the vineyard owner lose parnassah, then have A"Z polluting the land with their forbidden worship in the middle of the vineyards.

I. R.'s doesn't seem to have that problem. Why does everyone else claim to?

G'mar Hathimah Tovah.

Esser Agaroth said...

Devash and Geulah Girl,

Thanks for taking the time to post all of this helpful information.

BE"H, Jews will see, and read, and understand.

May you be blessed with a fantastic New Year!

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