Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Nahshon's Flag

Erev Hanukkah 5768

Nahshon Walls z-lTwo years ago, just as the first night's blessings over the Hanukkah candles were completed, Nahshon Walls z"l died of cancer.

Last year, I wrote of my personal connection to Nahshon in Remembering Nahshon Walls z"l.

His memory lives on in his many contributions to his community in K'far Tapu'ah, in the synagogue he helped build which was torn down by the Israeli Army, in the scaled-down replacement for a synagogue he built, and in the flag he designed and made for the State of Judea.

The State of Judea was to be a breakaway, Torah-observant country. It was conceived many years ago, yet as the days, months, and years of Israeli governmental idiocy, co-dependence, and general path of self-destruction, does not seem so farfecthed.

What does seem a little farfetched is that Nahshon's original flag would bring in $250,000 at auction on the Internet's premier auction site E-Bay.
Item Description

"State of Judea - Medinat Yehudah" flag made by Nahshon Walls, measuring approximately 55”x42” (140x106cm)

Medinath Yehudah FlagThe flag in question is in perfect condition, one of the few well preserved today. It is unique, in as much as it is stamped with two red ink round Nachshon Walls original "State of Judea - Medinat Yehudah" stamps he made in prison. One stamp is with the Menorah at the center and the other is with the Crown, for before and after coming of the Messiah use. For more info please google "Nachshon Walls".

The timing of this listing is important. This item is put on sale now, in these dark post Annapolis days, in order to make a strong statement, reaffirming loud and clear the Biblical Jewish claim on Eretz Yisrael, including Judea, Samaria, Jerusalem and Gaza.

Please Hashem, stop the evil plans of the wicked tyrants and despite our many sins allow us, the children of Israel who did not forget your Torah, to live in peace, to multiply, to prosper and to become a light to the nations in our Holy beautiful Land here, in Eretz Yisrael!

I don't think that my friend and neighbor Ariel makes any bones about whether or not he will succeed in getting the amount of the $250,000 of the starting bid.

What I do believe is that attention will called to the important fact that, unlike Nahshon's flag, the Land of Israel is not for sale.

An azkarah is planned for today, Erev Hanukkah at 11:00 am on the Elnaqam 4 Hill, between K'far Tapu'ah and the Tapu'ah West Hill.

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