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Translation: "Reprogramming"

Mossa'ei Shabbath Qodesh Parshath Wayeitze 5769

Reprogramming, brain-washing, call it what you like. Generally speaking the Left prefers to call attempts at bringing Jews back to Torah "brain-washing." I prefer to call Israeli secular education, "state religious" education, and [most] new immigrant, Hebrew courses (Ulpan) "indoctrination." So, take your pick.... (My commentary is in red italics.)
Herzog: 'Hilltop Youth' a Danger, Treatment Planned
Kislev 4, 5769 / December 1, '08

( Welfare Minister Yitzchak Herzog announced Monday that his ministry would create special institutions for young Israelis living in Judea and Samaria who are not enrolled in any formal program or institutional framework (Translation: "State control," indoctrination into being a non-questioning, non-Torah loyalist, but rather a state loyalist). The initiative is aimed at the “hilltop youth”--teenagers who spend their days building new Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria and fighting border police and other forces who attempt to evict them.

Herzog defined the youths as “a danger to security.” Not only do they endanger security, he said, they are “a danger to education and to society that we must deal with.” (danger to whose education? to whose society? --not mine) "Hilltop youths” should be treated like criminal youth, Herzog said. Such treatment would include providing the youth with therapeutic settings and rehabilitation (rehabilitation from what? farming? Torah study? as Joe Settler points out, most of the youth in Peace House spent their free time learning in the Beth Midrash) as well as increasing law enforcement on their activities.
David HaIvri's response "A Knee-Jerk Response:" No need to automatically reject Herzog's idea can found here, also on Arutz 7. HaIvri believes that we do have a problem in Yo"Sh (Judea and Samaria) , and need to address, just not necessarily the same problem Herzog thinks we have.

Here is an extended and edited version of the comment I posted:
David, just keep the government far, far away from any such endeavors. You will remember that it wasn't too long that three of our teen-aged neighbors were unprecedentedly sitting jail until the end of their court proceedings.

Whey were told by a judge that they needed "re-education," and that it would be "dangerous" to allow them to be released, as they might "talk to other youth." The judge offered to release them to a religious qibbutz. Fortunately, due to the education they had received, they refused, citing that the levels of tzni'uth (modesty) and kashruth did not meet their standards.

The judge was dumbfounded. Eventually, they were released into the custody of the grandparents of one. Apparently, Petah Tiqwah was an acceptable environment, and K'far Tapu'ah was not.

Social workers trained in Israeli (ie. predominantly socially "progressive," anti-Torah) universities must be screened thoroughly, and if possible, be residents of Yo"Sh themselves.

I am not disagreeing with you, just emphasizing a point.

Our kids have the opportunity to be "freer" of the indoctrination into "state-loyalist" (as opposed to God and Torah-loyalist) society by the government controlled public, "religious" education in this country, but not entirely free of it.

Caution is dictated.

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