Thursday, December 04, 2008

Peace House Eviction Protest - Tapu'ah Junction

7 of the Ninth Month 5769

I did not see anything of the action while passing by this area at around 10:45 PM. Apparently,...
Tapuach Junction [Was] Blocked, Two Arrested

( About 100 protestors blocked Arab traffic from passing through Tapuach Junction Wednesday evening, in protest of the planned eviction from Peace House in Hevron. Security forces arrested two demonstrators whom they suspect of burning tires. The demonstration is ongoing....

According to my sources, two tires "accidentally" caught fire.

A couple of teen-agers who live on my street were arrested. There are expected to be released soon.

Another neighbor was almost arrested. However, the police apparently did not want to "deal" with him, and simply reminded him about an outstanding warrant. He agreed to appear in court on the appointed date, and they left him alone.

The police seemed to be choosing their shots, least tonight they were.

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