Monday, May 04, 2009

All For The Poop!

10 of the Second Month 5769

The head of the Catholic Church is expected to arrive in Israel shortly. His itinerary includes traveling to his "holy" sites in the Gallil and furthering the desecration of the Temple Mount with his presence. The Israeli Government has already had to convince him to postpone his trip to the Gallil, so that the expected traffic jams and increased security concerns on Lag b'Omer will not be exacerbated. In regard to his visit to the Temple Mount, more than a few questions have been raised. Will he be allowed to pray there, even though Jews are banned from doing so? Must we depend on the Arabs to protest what we Jews should be protesting?

Meanwhile, Jewish "friends" and collaborators (Yes, I wrote "collaborators," albeit some are unwitting collaborators.) are calling upon their Jews to chill out, or rather numb out, to the threats raised by welcoming such an enemy of the Jewish People into Eretz Yisrael.
From "All For The Pope"
Toby Klein Greenwald, 6 Iyyar 5769/April 30, 2009

My credentials: I am an Orthodox Jew and a Zionist who believes that we should welcome people of all nations and religious persuasions to Israel, as long as they do not try to missionize us. I have some dear Christian friends, including one who is a Catholic nurse.

This is not about friendship. It's not even about Christians. It's about Israel and the image we want to present to the world....

Typical "Orthodox" Zionist, who doesn't know halacha. But, it's really not the role of women to know these things anyway. Ellen Horowitz, former Jerusalem City Councilwoman Mina Fenton, and Tomer Devorah are exceptional women. I suggest we pay closer attention to them, as well as to The Key To Redemption, Esav Exposed, and the recently established

They cannot come here. They are ovdei avodah zarah (practicers of forbidden worship).

The "right" has aligned itself with the Christians to counter balance the "left's" Arab/EU support,...and donations.

(How much money does Israel National News get from them? Will A7 have the guts to publish this comment? They didn't mind publishing Ruth Matar's letter bashing Rabbi Simah Kook shlit"a who ruled against participating in certain interfaith activities.)

We must separate from Yishma'el AND from Esau.

Publicly missionizing or not, they all have one goal. The weapons of the Arabs are their swords; the weapons of the Christians are their tongues.

Who will stand by and listen, even defending their right to speak?

Who will reject their lies, and rip their tongues out?


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Ellen said...

It can't be objective in this comment, because Toby gave me and Jewish Israel a lot of credit in the article, and you do more than that, Ya'aqov (thank you!). But I really feel that one needs to look at her piece as an investigative report by a professional Jewish journalist.

The investigative work is good and Toby's Jewish guts are surely intact, as the video left her "speechless and ill". I think she wrote a very honest piece and she didn't let her "professional objectivity" as a journalist override her obligations as Jew.

I think JewishIsrael should open its doors to Jewish journalists who still have a good sense of who they are and where they are stranding. Our job as an online community is to get people to start thinking, feeling and acting like Jews on this issue.

I'm pleased that Greenwald takes the time to read my stuff and consider the issues - as a Jew.

Esser Agaroth said...


Batya, Thanks.

Ellen, My problems with her article are cited in this post, as well as the codependent nature of the last part of this segment.

Maybe I should have mentioned my appreciation for her criticism of the government, and Ministry of Tourism specifically.

However, I was concerned about compromising on focusing on the deeper issue.

I am looking forward to seeing how functions, and how the members interact. I think if nothing else a lot important issues will get raised and discussed, issues which have been buried or skimmed over previously.

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