Thursday, May 14, 2009

Video Interview With Rabbi David Bar-Hayim

20 of the Second Month 5769

Rabbi David Bar-HayimVos Iz Neias? sent New York Rabbi Yair Hoffman out to interview Rabbi David Bar-Hayim.

The two-hour interview is spread out over 12 video clips, and can be found by clicking here, or by clicking on the first installment below.

After viewing the entire interview, it appears that it covers a variety of topics, including several about which I myself am asked by friends and acquaintances, as a student of Rabbi David Bar-Hayim:

1. What Machon Shilo is and what its goals are

2. Machon Shilo's shitah (approach) of determining halachah le'ma'aseh (day-to-day questions of Jewish Law) is actually not a new shitah, but rather quite similar to the shitoth of the Ramba"m, the GR"A, the Netziv, and the Hazon Ish.

3. How Machon Shilo regards the Talmud Yerushalmi vs. the Talmud Bavli

4. How Machon Shilo views and relates to the Shulhan Arukh

5. Rabbi David Bar-Hayim's relationship with, and view of Yeshivath Merkav HaRav Kook

Through the course of the interview touches upon various issues, such as Birkath HaHammah, the prayer for rain, the Jerusalem Eruv, Biblical criticism, Islam, Galuth (diaspora), and Aliyah.


madaral said...

Nice interview. As you are the Rav's Talmid, I would appreciate if you could clarify two things which I think I heard. If I listen between the lines, the Rav rejects the study of Sod. The only relevant study for a Jew is of Mishna, the Talmudim, Tosefot, and what builds on that. Am I right? Listening between the somewhat evading lines near the end, the Rav makes a distinction between Torah Min HaShamayim and Torah MiSinai as usually understood. Right?

Esser Agaroth said...

Yes, I am a talmid of Rav Bar Hayyim's.

I don't think there's anything to read between. RBH was talking about what to consider when understanding what the halacha is in a given situation.

I suggest you ask Rav Bar Hayyim about "Sod" study.

Put "Question about video interview" in the subject heading.

I did not hear distinctions made between Torah Min HaShamayim and Torah MiSinai. Ask him.

Anonymous said...

B"H - Do you know about the interviewer, rabbi Yair Hoffman? He recently supported th execution of Martin Grossman here
I strongly disagree with this view and wonder who this person is. Thanks.

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