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Top Ten Words and Phrases of תש"ע/5770

8 of the Sixth Month 5770

This annual tradition continues! ...usually being presented around my birthday,...which is today!

Also, don't forget to see the previous four years’ Top Ten Words & Phrases.

10. Y-M (JM), T”A, R”G, B”B, Q”S, B”Sh, RaShLa”Tz, GaBa”Sh, QaMa”Sh – Use of abbreviations is very common in Israel. Who can guess what these abbreviations are short for?

9. קטניות (qitniyoth – various legumes & edible seeds) – You know? Those things many Ashkenazi Jews in Israel still do not think they are allowed to eat during Passover.... I have talked about this a lot over the years. Yet, this word has never earned a place of honor in the Top Ten Words and Phrases. I think it's about time, don't you?

8. לעבור דירה (moving) – In the past 15 months I have moved four times, after having lived in the same house for almost five years.

7. Likud – The party currently in power in the K'nesseth (Israeli Parliament). Prominent members include current Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. I have been too busy (and too lazy?) to cancel my party membership. Lisa, by the way, does not think it's a good idea for me to cancel it.

6. Alpha Epsilon Pi [AEΠ] – A predominantly Jewish, college fraternity, and member of the IFC. I'll bet you wouldn't guess that I would include something “Greek” in my Top Ten List! Well, over the years, AEΠ has increased its identification with Israel through annual, sponsored trips.

It seems that I bump into AEΠ's now in Israel on a regular basis. Every year, several brothers come for their Junior years abroad. I love to seem the look on kids faces, when a guy with beard & payos, comes up to them, and gives them the secret handshake!

Last summer saw the founding of the first college fraternities in Israel, new AEΠ chapter at IDC in Hertzliyah. People may have mixed feelings about bringing this American institution to Israel. But, developing awareness and a closer connection to Israel is definitely a good thing! If you are an alumnus, and living in Israel, please join our Facebook Group.

5. The 'Hood – For me that is Qiriyath Moshe, as I am back in 'hood, after an eight absence. This is the first neighborhood in Jerusalem in which I ever lived, made lots of friends, many of whom are still here or in nextdoor Giv'ath Sha'ul. I have several other friends who have lived here at one time or another, usually while learning in yeshiva, such as Merkaz HaRav Kook, Machon Me'ir, Nahalath Tzvi (now in Pisgath Ze'ev), or Darchei No'am (Shappell's). So, I guess for me this will always be “The 'Hood.”

4. Nachla'ois – Every few weeks or so, I have been spending a Shabbath meal in the neighborhood of Nahla'oth, only the third neighborhood built outside of the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem. I like to tease my friends there by pronouncing the name of their neighborhood in a pronounced, Hasidishe manner, being that it is a traditionally “super spiritual” neighborhood. Teasing aside, there are many friendly and interesting Jews who live there. Why, even I almost ended up living there,...twice.

3. Super Spiritual – This phrase is an inside joke for me, old friend Mattitiyahu, new friend Ze'ev, and a handful of others. Maybe you can figure this one out from A Tale Of Two Neighborhoods.

2. רכבת קלה (light rail) – The first line of the Jerusalem Light Rail is almost here! Estimated time of completion is April, 2011. I can't wait! Read more about the project's progress on Cosmic X In Jerusalem.

And the number one Top Word or Phrase of תש"ע/5770 is...

1. Flotilla – What the hell is a flotilla? Since when is a few rag-tag boats compared to a "a formation of small warships that may be part of a larger fleet?"

Shannah Tovah!


Lisa said...

Thanks for the mention. Okay, my guess for number 10 is Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan, Bnei Brak, Kiryat Sefer, Beit Shemesh, Rishon L'Tzion, Givat Shaul and Kiryat Moshe. (pardon the translit style)

I don't know if you noticed on Facebook, but we're talking about coming home.

About the Likud, and Manhigut Yehudit, I've been reading a fascinating book by Yoram Hazony, called The Jewish State. I don't know if you've read it, but he traces the origin of the self-hating anti-Zionism so prevelant in Israel today to the fact that the various political parties focused too much on practical issues, and left the realm of ideas to the intellectual elite. And that the intellectual elite in Israel descends (metaphorically) directly from the anti-Zionists like Buber who were fighting the idea of having a Jewish state at all even back in the late 1800s.

There's only one group that's pushing ideas right now other than that leftist elite, and we need to support it.

That said, it's occurred to me that just because there's a Manhigut Yehudit doesn't mean that there shouldn't also be a Zo Artzenu, or something like it. Feiglin can't do both, obviously, but he isn't the only one out there. Maybe when I get back we can talk about this.

Eric said...

Great list. I like your Greek connection in there, but I hate Kitniot. Don't get me thinking about Pesach yet!

Batya said...

belated mazal tov
interesting list

Esser Agaroth said...

Lisa, I wish I were as optimistic as you were,...about ANY politician.

My "hero" Michael Ben-Ari even let me down. :-(

You got them all right. Q"S was my error. Should have been K"S Kfar Sabba. I guess I've gotten too close to writing "Q"s. ;-)




Thanks. :-)

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