Sunday, March 03, 2013

Incident In Jerusalem: Never Again?

כ"ב לחודש השנים עשר תשע"ג

Here is a video from January, 2013.  It records an incident of violence toward Torah-observant Jews.  As you might guess, no it did not make the Leftist-controlled, mainstream, Israeli media.

If these were Arabs getting attacked by settler types or Jerusalem soccer fans, or women being attacked by Haredim, then we would never hear the end of this. We would also never hear about how those attackers were provoked, but no matter.

One commenter mentioned that that these Hassidishe Jews did not fight back.  That may have been a good strategy, but they simply do not know how.  One of the Top Ten Reasons I recommend service in the Israeli Defense Forces [IDF].  Of course, that's not the only place to get training.

Before my "Religious Zionist" friends start talking about "us" and "them," I would like to remind them that that is exactly what "they" want us to do.

Every time there is a successful attack on the unity amongst Torah observant Jews, or even amongst Jews of various backgrounds, the Erev Rav, be they right or left, with or without kippoth, are dancing, laughing, snootily saying, "We told you so," or a combination thereof.

The truth is spread out amongst all Jewish communities, to one degree or another.  It is our job to go out and search for it.

Now would be a good time for Haredim to search out the truth carried by the hilltop, settler youth, often called by the Leftist-controlled, mainstream, Israeli media "extremists."  Yet, like Haredim, they, too, guard over authentic pieces of the Torah.  Only by joining together will be finally be able to sort the puzzle pieces out.

Let us not let "them" win.


Anonymous said...

This was carried by various news organization(even Haaretz which is where I first saw it) the day after it happened.
A lot the coverage came down after it was pointed out that several of the attackers were wearing kippot, and in fact were Jews. Not saying that they should have pulled the story because of that, it still appears to be an open and closed assault to me. However, once it no longer had spinnable value, the various news media pulled it.

Anonymous said...

This was initially carried on the mainstream media. I first heard about it on Haaretz the day after it happened. It was later pulled after it was discovered that several of the assailants were in fact Jews(and careful observation of the raw video shows them wearing kippot). It was no longer spinnable so it was pulled.

Esser Agaroth said...

Mekubal, Thanks for bringing this up.

1. I hope you saw this elsewhere besides Am HaAretz, Palestinian Post, Ma'arav, or Idiot Aharanot, none of which can be trusted when it come to Religious Jews.

2. I didn't seen any kippoth. I did see a keffiyah. I also heard Arabic, but no Hebrew. Maybe you could let me know the time marker where you saw a kippah.

3. It looked awfully organized, this attack, with attackers coming from more than one direction.

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