Sunday, March 24, 2013

The "Women Of The Wall" Are Not The Problem

י"ג לחודש הראשון תשע"ג
Arutz 7: 'Armed with Tallits,' MKs Join Kotel Women, Prevent their Arrest
Leftist female MKs donned prayer shawls and joined Women of the Wall for provocation at Kotel.

Gil Ronen, March 12, 2013

Leftist female MKs donned prayer shawls Tuesday morning and joined the Women of the Wall for a prayer session at the Kotel. The MKs' presence prevented the arrest of the Women of the Wall by police.

MKs Stav Shafir (Labor), along with Tamar Zandberg and Michal Rozin (Meretz), joined the group, which regularly holds prayer sessions that challenge the traditional Jewish division of roles between the sexes, next to Judaism's most holy place. (cont.)

Why Gil Ronen (or his editor at Arutz 7) chose to call them "Kotel Women," I have absolutely no idea.  The honorific "Kotel" belongs to those righteous Jewish women whose prayers are disrupted by the so-called "Women Of The Wall."

My guess is it's the same ol' credo "Sometimes we're Torah flag wavers; sometimes we're 'objective' journalists." Whatever.

Anyway, as the title fo this piece states very clearly, the so-called "Women Of The Wall" are not the problem.

Let's take a look at who and what ARE the problems.

R' Yuval Cherlow
1. Mamlakhti (undying State loyalist) "Rabbis" like Yuval Cherlow of the Petah Tiqwah Hesder Yeshivah believes in accepting the so-called liberal movements of Judaism, as legitimate denomination of Judaism, it seems. Since when Judaism is supposed to be  "reformed," "reconstructed," or (only partly) "conserved," I have no idea. And maybe I should give Rabbi Cherlow the benefit of the doubt, by assuming that he knows NOTHING of these so-called "movements," let alone how they play with, ignore, or rip apart the Oral Torah. (Note: When I searched for images of R' Cherlow, several of the images which popped up were those of Shlomo Aviner, who was prohibited to rule on issues related to Tohorath HaMishpahah by the Beth Din, convened by R' Mordechai Eliyahu ztz"l, and included R' Avraham Shapira ztz"l, R' Dov Lior, and R' Ya'aqov Yosef. That alone should be enough to pasul Yuval Cherlow.)

R' David Stav
2. Rabbi David Stav, who is "...waging a public campaign to become the next Ashkenazi chief rabbi and wrest control of the institution from the ultra-Orthodox" (Daniel Estrin, Times Of Israel, February 13, 2013).

Yes, but what does that mean? Rabbi Stav's Tzohar organization is well-known for its undying State loyalism. If state loyalism is to replace the so-called "ultra-Orthodox," who at least claim to put Torah before the State, then I want nothing to do with it, nor him. Although, Rabbi Stav is against women being considered "rabbis," what roles will he be pressured into allowing them to enter? Will democracy enter into the picture when Rabbi Stav will be asked to look into a halakhic (Jewish legal) matter, perhaps a stand of the government? When Rabbi Stav becomes the next Chief Ashkenzi Rabbi of Israel, will the fact that his salary will be coming from the very Israeli government known for its lack of concern for halakhah influence his (or ANY "Chief Rabbi's") decisions? What happens when the Israeli government decides to give up MORE of God's Promised Land? Will he have the courage to stand up to the opposition like the previous Bostoner Rebbe ztz"l or Rabbi Herschel Schachter ztz"l?

Shimon Peres
Rabbi Stav believes in seeking out those non-Jews in the country for quickie conversions. This will do nothing but create more Erev Rav (false converts). Now, how exactly will THAT help Am Yisra'el? That brings us to No. 3 on the list, the King of the Erev Rav, Shimon Peres. The role of the the Erev Rav, among other things, is to battle against the Torah. 'Nuff said about King Shimon Peres.

PM Netanyahu
4. Prime Minister Binyamin "Bibi" Netanyahu is, of course, part of the problem. Or is he? After all, he's either misguided or just doesn't care or both, right? HaShem will take care of the likes of him. Nonetheless, we are required to point out the truth,...and the lies. Before that disgraceful "apology" to Turkey for the IDF's self-defense, and Obama tuchas-kissing, we saw Bibi's larger contribution to the problem, when he praised his Mamlakhti (undying "religious" State loyalist) lackeys.

R' Avi Weiss
5. Avi Weiss who makes a female "rabbi," calls it by another name, and then promises never to do it again. Sorry, Avi, but the damage has been done. Just look at the Kotel now! Of course, there are many other examples of Frankenstein's Bride which you helped to create. (See below)

Naftali "Where's my kippah?" Bennett

6. Naftali Bennett Keeping the Haredim out of the government was a popular (and strategic) move for now.  Sha"S may waver up and down with its mandates.  Amselam and Likud ...  But UTJ gained a seat, and they will gain one of two more in the next elections, slowly but surely showing that patience and we will end up with the Haredim being in control, just like everyone is so "afraid" of in the first place, why Meretz instills fear in the Religious Zionist communities to get them to vote for non-Haredi candidates, even if they have little to no connection to Torah in their lives at all. Now, it appears that Naftali Bennett will be the Minister of Religious Affairs. Looks like Rabbi David Stav got his wish. The so-called "ultra-Orthodox" (Haredim) will no longer have all that power he has been crying about. Now, he will have all that power, once he gets "elected" as Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Israel. He will have Minister Bennett and his entire ministry for minyons to collaborate in pushing his agenda.

7. The K'nesset (Israeli Parliament)
8. Israeli Supreme Court
This is democracy for you, or in Israel's case, deMOCKracy.

But, the real problem is that such individuals actually believe that democracy has anything to do with the running of a truly, Jewish government, in the long-term at least.

Other contributors to the problem include the late David Hartman,
his son Doniel Hartman,
women like "she who must not be named,"
Popeye's Sea Hag
and last but certainly not least,
the hags of Kolech.

And so, we all must decide, will we be part of the problem? Or will we be part of the solution?


Ben-Shmuel said...

Well said brother. Chag Sameach.

Unknown said...

Excellent! Loved the sea hag! And that fist "rabbi" has a very J.C. look about him...

Esser Agaroth said...

Thanks, DBS!

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I was concerned that some women might take exception to that term.

Obviously, that didn't stop me, though.


Ze'ev said...

You're a reckless windbag, Mr. Ben-Yehuda! You know what, I don't care what they say about you, you're all right.

Esser Agaroth said...

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