Monday, March 11, 2013

Coexistence Programs: Give It Up Already!

ראש החודש הראשון תשע"ג

Elhanan Gruner, March 10, 2013

(Translated) Last week, students from a school in Yoqne'am attended an activity day, with the atmosphere of "coexistence" with students from an Arab school in Sakhnin.  At the end of the activities, the bus carrying the Jewish students was pelted with rocks by their Arab "friends" from the joint activity. (cont.)

Arab Rock Throwers (Wafa)
The Ministry of Education, the of the promoter of the joint operation has thus far refused to respond to inquiries into the affair by the media.

Esser Agaroth (2¢):
This is not really news.  HaKol HaYehudi should be commended for reporting this event.  But, it is a mistake to think of it as news.

From where did they acquire those masks?  At what age are they trained to make makeshift ones so quickly out of the scarves and bandanas they just "happen" to have on them?  Pretty young, I would imagine.

Even as far back as 1991, during the First Gulf War, the joint activities attempted in Yaffo were a disaster, as the Arab children cheered every time an Iraqi scud rocket hit Israel.

Almost a year ago, I was in Nazareth, visiting a school for work. I saw that in one of the classrooms, there was a drawing which incorporated the flag of the Palestinian Liberation Organization [PLO], with the English words "Palestine will be free!" interspersed amongst the Arabic.
This Nazareth Municipality school had just won an award for the teaching of "coexistence."
PA "President" Abbas displaying his map of "Palestine"
Since the "Palestinians" want all of what is Israel, and want to push the Jews out.  they have said over and over again, that Jews will never reside within a "Palestinian" State. We Jews have very short memories. The Palestinian authority sees ALL of Israel as an eventual "Palestinian" State.

Some "coexistence," huh?

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