Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ramat Aviv

Erev Hag HaShavu'oth 5769

Rafi G. at Life In Israel commented on the Israeli media's back and forth on the issue of Haredim moving into the secular, upper/upper middle class neighborhood of Ramat Aviv in north Tel-Aviv: Le-SheeTascha Criticism.

I took the opportunity to comment, focusing on the neighborhood itself:

I lived in one of the absorption centers in Ramat Aviv several years ago. I remember the ruckus caused by 20 Chabbad yeshiva bochurim coming to live in the neighborhood.

I remember praying tefillath minhah by them in their unmarked, second floor apartment yeshiva.

I remember the ruckus when Chabba"d opened a men's miqweh.

I remember the secular Ramat Aviv table set up next to the Chabbad tefillin table, the nasty things they yelled at them, and printing of "Secular Ramat Aviv" posters as shiva announcements and posting them all over.

I remember when Ramat Aviv residents protested the then new mall being closed on Shabbath. They later realized how noisy it would be and stopped their fight against the frum mall owner.

Remember the brief protest against the Azza expulsion by sleeping in Ramat Aviv streets? They would have none of that. They protesters were quickly forced to "move along."

It's a nutty, and apparently paranoid place.

At least one resident, a certain former MK Michael Kleiner, is not anti-religious, and is proud of his frum son. May he be an influence to them all.

To Ramat Aviv residents:

We're coming whether you like it or not.


Altie said...

yay!!! thats where my seminary is. 40 frum chabad girls descending on Ramat Aviv for the year- that ought to shake it up a bit.

Esser Agaroth said...

Good idea. You'll be accused of "settlement activity."


Altie said...

ha. but we are here to stay. (except i'm leaving in a few weeks.)
israeli politics make no sense. we move here, we want to live here, why is it anyones business but our own?

Esser Agaroth said...

We're Israel. Everyone is attracted to this Holy Land and HaShem's People and His Torah.

Everyone wants to spin the Torah, but they never can because they lack Torah sheb'al Peh.

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