Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tapu'ah Concerts Are Back! (Updated)

Before the Fast of the Fifth Month 5769

K'far Tapu'ah's Saturday Night Concert Series is returning!

The first concert will be this Mossa'ei Shabbath "Nahamu".

Faith in HaShem, not in Obama.

Yes to the Hilltops and the Temple Mount.

No to Capitol Hill and Washington.

"Festival HaMiqdash" in K'far Tapu'ah

10:00pm till dawn

Sinai Tor

Aharon Razel

Dov Shurin

Eliran Elbaz

Bini Landau

and more!

Plus, special guests and Temple Mount Activists

Rabbi Yosef Elboim

MK Dr. Micha'el Ben-Ari

Gershon Mesiqah
Shomron Council Head

Rabbi Shmu'el HaKohen
Rabbi, K'far Tapu'ah

Only 10 NIS to enter, and includes melaweh malkah!

For more information about the concerts, as well as Shabbath hospitality, call 054-4876709 (in Israel). For Shabbath hospitality, please call by Wednesday.

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