Sunday, July 12, 2009

Yahoo!'s GeoCities To Close October 26, 2009

Mossa'ei Shabbath Qodesh Parshath Pinhas 5769

Back in May of this year, I passed on the message that Yahoo!'s GeoCities To Close Later This Year. I only mentioned this, as I have been using GeoCities to host the images presented on my blog, and thought that some of you might be doing the same.

Well, after receiving the following e-mail message, I see that the date has now been set.

My comments can be found below in blue italics.


Important notice: GeoCities is closing.
Dear Yahoo! GeoCities customer,

We're writing to let you know that Yahoo! GeoCities, our free web site building service and community, is closing on October 26, 2009 (8 of the Eighth Month 5770).

On October 26, 2009, your GeoCities site will no longer appear on the Web, and you will no longer be able to access your GeoCities account and files.

What You Need to Do
If you'd like to move your web site, or save the images and other files you've posted online, you need to act now by choosing one of the following options:
Move your site to Yahoo! Web Hosting.
We know your files are important to you, and we want to make moving to Web Hosting as easy and affordable as we can. For a limited time, you can move your files automatically, take advantage of terrific features like a personalized domain name and email, even redirect your GeoCities web address to your new site — all for only $4.99 a month for a full year.

For more information and complete terms, please see our special offer now.
(Yeah, right, and have that close down, too? I'll be looking into Picassa, Flicker, and other options instead.)

Download your files to your own computer.
With your pages and images saved offline, you can re-create your site with any hosting provider.

To quickly download your published files, visit your GeoCities web site, right-click on each page, and choose Save Page As... from the menu that appears. Choose a location on your computer to save your files, then click OK or Save. Learn more about downloading your files.

Don't Wait
Please be aware that after October 26, your GeoCities files will be deleted from our servers, and will not be recoverable. If you'd like to save your files, you must download them now or move to Yahoo! Web Hosting. If you need assistance, please visit the help center.

We want to thank you for being a GeoCities customer, and hope you continue to enjoy our other Yahoo! services.

Best regards,

The Yahoo! GeoCities team

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