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YeSh"A Council: Modern Day Spies/מרגלים (Film Review)

27 of the Fourth Month 5769

"Instead of expelling Arabs, you're expelling me?! What have I done to you?!"
- Mrs. Luber, Qatif, Av 5765 (part 3, 6:10)

Pretty much sums up the expulsion of Jews from Azza, doesn't it?

Finally, a documentary has been produced, exposing the collaborators who were behind the expulsion of Jews from Azza, and the mesirah (handing over) of their property over to goyim (non-Jews), even more so, to bitter enemies of the Jewish People.

The documentary is entitled "Meraglim," after the spies who delayed B'nei Yisrael's settlement of Eretz Yisrael by 38 years, through their lack of faith in HaQadosh Barukh Hu (The Holy One, Blessed Be He), and their lashon hara (See Numbers 13-14).
(Meraglim22) Explanation and evidence of the participation of the "Yesha Council" in the expulsion process.
The video is in Hebrew with English subtitles and English narration.

My review? This is a must see film.

Then, after the film, you can read about what a real Religious Zionist is like.

Part 1
This first part of the series introduces us to the lying liars of the Yehudah, Shomron, and Azza [YeSh"A] Council, and to the activists who regret having listened to them.

I know Rabbi Moshe Cohen of Beth El personally. We taught junior high school together years ago. He's an amazing Jew, and an amazing teacher, now teaching at the Beth El Yeshivah. He's a Jew with his priorities straight. That's for sure.

When meetings of the YeSh"A Council are shown, they include some rabbis, who are not actually members of the council. They are members of the YeSh"A Rabbinical Council, a completely different entity, often disagreeing publicly with the YeSh"A Council.

The lying YeSh"A Council members were honest about one thing. They were concerned about their public image.

Part 2
This part begins with the real manner in which YeSh"A Council members regard rabbinical ruling it does not like. It ignores them, or worse. (We have seen this approach before, among the members of the National Religious/Jewish Home Party.)

Rabbi Avraham Elqanah Kahana ShapiraThis part also brings forth the truth about then Rosh Yeshivath Merkaz HaRav Rabbi Avraham Shapira ztz"l's opinion regarding which takes precedence, Torah or Israeli law, when there is a conflict between the two. Mamlakhtim (religious, yet undying state loyalists) have tried to distort the presentation of Rabbi Shapira's views.

The YeSh"A Council found "other rabbis," who agreed with them, Hayim Druckman and Shlomo Aviner, emphasized their presence, and then yelled to "listen to the rabbis!" Pure hypocrisy!

MK Effie Eitom at AmonaThe YeSh"A Council's imprisonment of activists at K'far Maimon is the focus of this part, as well as its collaboration with police.

Take note of then MK Effie Eitam hugging the police commander. One year later, he would incur a head injury at the Amona Pogram. Let's hope he has learned his lesson.

Part 3
Rabbi Avraham Shapira ztz"l did NOT care about public image (ie. PR). The YeSh"A Council distorted the presentation of the plan to enter Southern Azza (Gush Qatif) through its "military expert." This convinced Rabbi Shapira to withdraw his support for the plan.

In actuality, the YeSh"A Council's military expert Ami Shaqed provided activists with a different story, than that which was presented to Rabbi Shapira.

The YeSh"A Council continued to sabotage the protest efforts through the sneaky activities of Pinhas Wallerstein (Ofra, Binyamin Counil Head) and newly appointed member Rafi Ben-Bassad (Neweh Tzuf), including the dispersion of activists and more staged arrests.

Rabbinical collaboration is also exposed in this part.

Some IDF rabbis actually claimed it was permissible according to the Torah to expel all of these Jews from their homes, and to hand over the land to our most deadly enemies.

Shlomo Aviner is shown convincing the residents of Gan-Or to allow the IDF soldiers into their town. Until he arrived, Gan-Or residents had been preventing their entry successfully.

Rabbi Mordechai Elon uses his rhetorical skills to convince Netzer-Hazani residents to leave quietly.

Meanwhile, everyone seems to be ignoring the greatest poseq and dayan of them all, Rabbi Shapira.*

The end of this part exposes the collaboration of YeSh"A Council Head Bentzi Lieberman with police, putting the nail in the coffin of Newe Deqalim, the largest Jewish town in Azza.

Part 4
This part begins with more collaboration on the part of Bentzi Lieberman, followed by the staged removal of Tzviki Bar-Hai and Ze'ev "Zambish" Hever, who then directs the violent expulsion from the Neweh Deqalim synagogue. (You've got to see this! It's so blatant and ridiculous that they thought they could hide it.)

The last two minutes provides a conclusion of not only this particular blot on Jewish history, but of the deeper issues facing the Jewish People:

We will let this happen again? Will we let the meraglim fool us again?

Will we again hold Israeli law above the Torah?


*Rabbi Moshe Feinstein ztz"l showed his praise of Rabbi Shapira ztz"l by calling him "Dayan Eretz Yisrael" (The Judge of the Land of Israel).

Video Extras:

1. Staged expulsion of Sha'ul Goldstein, Mayor of Efrat.

2. Shlomo Wollins eyewitness account of Shlomo Aviner attacking a rabbi and Jewish children (English with Hebrew subtitles).



Batya said...

Excellent. Thanks for posting.

madaral said...

Meanwhile, everyone seems to be ignoring the greatest poseq and dayan of them all, Rabbi Shapira.*

*Rabbi Moshe Feinstein ztz"l showed his praise of Rabbi Shapira ztz"l by calling him "Dayan Eretz Yisrael" (The Judge of the Land of Israel).


A problem with playing the authority game in this case is that the expulsion happened because Ariel Sharon won the support of Rav Elyashiv. In my view, it is wrong to attack the Yesha council, or the "cooperating" Rabbis, if the name of the real rabbinical culprit is not mentioned. It was Rav Elyashiv who rejected Rav Mordecai Eliyahu. It was Rav Elyashiv who undermined the authority of Rav Shapira. Not Rav Elon, not Rav Aviner. Not Bentzi. Never forget, and have no fear: Ariel Sharon did not do it alone. Rav Yosef Shalom Elyashiv was with him.

madaral said...

On a related note, the new Sha'at HaEfes movie,

stresses that the Intifada started 40 years after the UN decision to allow the creation of the State of Israel. But while stressing 40 years, 40 years, they do not mention Rav Meir Kahane. On the other hand, they do praise Rav Ovadia's opposition to the Amuta of Sheikh Yassin, which would later become Hamas. But they fail to mention Rabbi Ovadia's role in the bringing Arafat to Eretz Yisrael. In short, there are rabbis who thou (kippa-wearing Jew) shall only praise (Yosef, Elyashiv). On the other side of the spectrum, there is rabbi Kahane who thou shalt not mention in a positive sense, even if you quote him.

Esser Agaroth said...

מֹשאל רפאל
You make some good points.

I accept what you're saying. But, do you happen to have any documentation? Links to news reports?

I think anything would be helpful to show the public.

Regarding the "authority game," it's quite simple. Rabbis who can provide sources, are not afraid of debate, do not throw out the phrases, "no, you don't understand, it's too complicated" or "da'as Torah," and whose substantiated opinions can hold up to scrutiny. Those are the rabbis I listen to.

Not rocket science.

One haredi rabbi in particular who is worth mentioning is the Bostoner Rebbe, who told the Council of Torah Sages why he believed it was forbidden to leave Azza al pi halacha. It just went in one ear and out the other. Nonetheless, he was more concerned with the halacha than his budgetary needs.

Lisa said...

Is this available on DVD?

Lisa said...

Or downloadable elsewhere?

Esser Agaroth said...

Lisa, I am afraid that I don't know. I'll try to look into it.

RealPlayer Downloader?