Saturday, January 12, 2013

Gun Control In Israel

מוצש"ק פר' וארא תשע"ג

My buddy Rafi at Settlers Of Samaria reminds us that...
Gun Control Passed In Nazi Germany One Day After Kristallnacht
We commemorate Kristallnacht with vigils every year. But nobody remembers what happened the very next day, which was much more fateful. Hat tip EPJ. Jews around the world and in Israel – stay armed, stay safe. GUN CONTROL LAW PASSED BY THE GERMAN GOVERNMENT ONE DAY AFTER KRISTALLNACHT 1573
Click here to see the...

Here is the comment I left...
Esser Agaroth (2¢):
Important post.

I know some of your neighbors who have already had their guns taken away.

Does your town have a private security company, instead of its own residents
guarding the place?

Are your residents even allowed to volunteer?

Were you told that this was for the sake of efficiency?

Maybe you think that your town is safe from expulsion, but there are many others which have had the above already happen to them,...implemented by their stupid, naive, or collaborator-town councils.

[The towns will be more easily demolished, and their residents expelled, with little or no resistance, if outsiders, especially emotionless, PAID outsiders are in charge of the towns' safety and security, than if the residents themselves were allowed to guard their own towns.  But, they are not allowed to, for the above reason.]
In Israel, there is no Second Amendment.

There is no constitution, only the Torah, those who follow it, and those battle against it, those who have guns, and those who have theirs taken away.

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