Monday, January 07, 2013

Israel's Sha"S Party Hits New Low

כ"ה לחודש העשירי תשע"ג

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Various portions of the avodah zarah (forbidden worship) in the photo have been blacked out.
אריה קינג (מפלגת עוצמה לישראל): "אריה דרעי במצוקה לאור זליגת הקולות מש"ס לעוצמה לישראל, לאור זאת הוא הלך לחפש מצביעים שמעוניינים להחזיר עטרה ליושנה...בכנסייה, בסיוע כומר מקומי.

 "תודה לאנשי המטה החרדי בעוצמה לישראל על עבודת הקודש שלהם. תמשיכו כך!"
Aryeh King (Otzmah leYisra'el Party): Aryeh Deri (far left) at of risk losing votes from his Sha"S Party to the Otzmah leYisra'el Party. In light of this, he went to look for voters who are interested in returning their former glory to the church, with the aid of a local priest.
Thanks go out to Haredi officials for their holy work. Keep it up!
Pardon my naivete, but I was actually surprised when I saw this photo. Sha"S is one of the few religious groups, along with Hassidei Gur, which actually seems to understand the dangers of Christian missionaries. Massive rallies are held in Tel-Aviv arenas, and fights are not shied away from, when encountering these nasty people.

Apparently, though, no one bothered to tell Aryeh Deri, or rather, they did not bother to education themselves, regarding that there is no difference between "these Christians" and "those Christians."

I do not recognize this particular oved avodah zarah's (practitioner of foreign worship) flavor, except that he is "orthodox."  The decorations (upper right) are certainly indicative of their avodah zarah, winter holiday season.

I will still try to give Aryeh Deri and his Sha"S Party the benefit of the doubt, and assume they were not actually participating, an act which is forbidden (Ramba"m, Hil. A"Z 9:4).  That these Jews were there at all there is still a very troubling, even more so, as they were seated in apparent places of honor.

Sha"S also appears to be ignorant of the fact that both the Greek and Russian Orthodox Churches have been engaged in land grabs for quite sometime now, aided, no less, by various Israeli government officials.

One Greek Orthodox Bishop was even scolded (or worse) for doing to the opposite, by selling off some of their church's property to a Jew.

Unfortunately, I do not know just how many people will see this photo, Aryeh King posted on Facebook, and of those who do, how many will actually be moved by it.

Too many Israelis (including Anglo-Israelis) are either too numbed out, grasping for straws of help from any non-Jew, already seduced and completely taken in by Christian money, or all of the above.

And, thus I will have to say that although I hope that Aryeh King's statement above will come to fruition, and that Sha"S will lose votes to the Otzmah le'Yisra'el (Power To Israel) Party, I am not optimistic.


Hodo Hashem said...

Shalom, I too would have supported Otzma LeYisrael, but I find some things VERY disturbing. Firstly their were and are charges that they trashed a fellow Kahanist- Chaim Ben Pesach of JTF- Hayamin who even has been helping them (also other things which I wont go into now) Then all I did was ask them if these things were true and why (in a polite manner) they immediately banned me from Facebook. This is definitely not a party and people that I would support, its a shame they call themselves "Kahanists".

Esser Agaroth said...

Hmmm... How do I respond?

While I think about it, please read this:

Banned From The JTF!

...It was because I was critical of his chumminess with ovdei avodah zarah (Xians).

Please note, that I published your comment, even though I don't know that I agree with it 100%.