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Ridiculous! Samaria Resident Accused Of ESPIONAGE

כ"א לחודש העשירי תשע"ג

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Arutz 7: Wife of 'Samaria Spy': The Right has Abandoned Us 
The wife of a man sentenced to jail for anti-demolition protests laments the lack of support from the right, rabbis.

Maayana Miskin, December 28, 2012

The wife of one of several Jewish men from Samaria (Shomron) sent to jail for warning outpost residents of impending expulsions told Arutz Sheva that the lack of support from the political right and religious world has been painful.

"I'm appalled that everyone is pleased about the plea bargain," said Ayelet Hashachar Cohen. "I'm appalled that everyone is silent. On the Right, nobody is standing up against this."
I DO sympathize with the HaCohen Family.  But, I am afraid I must say that if anything positive comes out of their experiences, it will be to help their fellow residents of Yehudah and the Shomron (Judea & Samaria) to wake up and smell the coffee.
She defended her husband, Akiva, and his friends, who were charged with illegally collecting military information, after having originally been accused of espionage. "All they wanted was to tell other people that they were going to be expelled from their homes, so that they wouldn't drag them out naked in the middle of the night," she said.
Sounds reasonable enough, doesn't it?  Unfortunately, the Israeli government does not share this opinion.  And, apparently, Akiva and Ayelet HaShahar HaCohen do not understand that such an act is considered to be an act of defiance against the will of the government.  They also do not appear to realize that the Israeli government's troops will not have any qualms about pulling these Jews out of their homes naked anyway.  Any act on Akiva HaCohen's part would, at best, prepare these Jews for the inevitable.
"They connected it to 'price tag' and turned us into extremists," she continued. "Unfortunately, the left-wing media has reached our community as well, and that hurts. Nobody stood behind us.
First of all, this blogger is still suspicious of the origins of the so-called תג מחיר "Price Tag" group.  Second, I am concerned that Ayelet HaShahar HaCohen feels compelled to distance herself from so-called extremists, especially in that she and her husband live in the ideologically oriented town of Yitzhar.  For now, she will receive the benefit of the doubt.
"This was about comradery, about helping our brothers. Anyone who has been evicted or seen their home destroyed knows how much it hurts. So my husband and his friends wanted to know when the expulsions would be, that's all. People see me in the street and tell me we are guilty of spying, it's simply shameful what is happening here."
Akiva Hacohen and others were given administrative orders in 2011, which effectively split them from their families. He was jailed shortly before his wife gave birth to the couple's fifth child, then sentenced to house arrest for months, with limits that left him unable to run the family business.
This type of action has becoming increasing typical of our "lovely," Israeli government.
The family ultimately agreed to the plea bargain after despairing of a better outcome, Ayelet Hacohen explained. "We knew the truth wouldn't come to light [in court]. So in order to stop our suffering, we agreed to go with the known outcome."
So, basically, even though Akiva HaCohen was innocent, they decided to cut to the punch, and get the whole process over with, because they already knew the outcome anyway.  An attorney told them, or friends with experience told them, or perhaps the line was laid down by a representative of the powers that be.  Pretty sad.
Attorney Adi Kedar, who represented Hacohen and four others, told Arutz Sheva that the plea bargain was a painful compromise. It was not a satisfying resolution, he said, but it highlighted the absurdity of the prosecution's approach.
I am really not trying to be mean, when I say that the HaCohens come off in this piece as being very naive.

When the residents of Azza, which includes Gush Qatif, were thrown out of there homes, seven and a half years ago, and their land was handed over to Arabs, their were in such denial in the form of disbelief

It is way passed the time to wake up from our numbed-out state of blind trust in the Israeli Government.

Let Jews never again be in shock when they (חו"ח) gets kicked out of their homes.

Better yet, let Jews never again be kicked out of their homes.

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