Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Separated At Birth: Hanan Ashrawi/Divine

כ"א לחודש העשירי תשע"ג

As I was digging around cesspools for photos for my Hags 'R Us piece, I came across a picture of terrorism-suborner extraordinaire Hanan Ashwari.

"Hmm...," I thought to myself, "She looks awfully familiar,...and not from the news either."

Then it dawned on me!

Hanan Ashwari looks just like world renowned singer, actor/ess, drag performer H. Glenn Milstead, AKA "Divine."

Here s/he is next to Hanan Ashrawi, in full costume and make-up from the 1972, John Waters cult classic, and "exercise in poor taste," "Pink Flamingos."

Left to Right: Hanan Ashrawi, Divine
Am I wrong?  Or is the resemblance uncanny?  All Hanan needs is a little make-up.

One final note: My deep apologies to female impersonator Divine's family for comparing her to such a vile individual as Hanan Ashwari.

It gave me no pleasure in doing so.

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DS said...

I loved this!