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The Yesh Atid Party: The Lies And Manipulation Begin

In freshman MK Ruth Calderon's (Yesh Atid) inaugural speech in the K'nesseth, she stated,....
"The Torah is not  the possession of one or another factor. It was given to all of us. Nobody has taken from us the Torah and rabbinic literature. We gave them over because we saw that there is another more important task of building Zionism, and now we must take back for ourselves what is ours... My desire is to bring about the situation that the Torah will be the possession of all of Israel. All of Israel's youth should take a portion of the burden - also in Torah learning and also in military service."
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"Zionism cannot be separated from its source,...The Torah.  When it is, it is no longer Zionism.
-Esser Agaroth

Apparently, she also quoted Talmud, yet another example of how they intend to manipulate the Torah into justifying doing whatever the heck they want, and then calling it Jewish.

This is nothing new, of course.  The so-called "Reform Movement" has been doing this since its inception.  Its strategies have changed over the years, everything from denying the full authority of the Oral Torah and removing kippoth (male head coverings) to talking about "spirituality," and putting their kippoth back on.  Whatever they think will work, I suppose.

Speaking of the "Reform Movement," MK Calderon's Yesh Atid fearless leader, Yair Lapid has already stated that he intends to push for "civil marriage," whatever the heck THAT is, as well as acceptance so-called "Reform Judaism," even though there is no such thing.  (Did you get that?)

Yet, no doubt, this kind of rhetoric is music to the ears of so-called "Major American Jewish Organizations."  (Then, just how "Jewish" could these "Major American Jewish Organizations" be?)
Arutz 7: Lapid: I’ll Push Civil Marriage, Reform Judaism 
Yair Lapid says his agenda includes civil marriage, dialog with Abbas, and bringing reform Judaism to Israel. 
Maayana Miskin, February 12, 2013

Yair Lapid, head of the Yesh Atid party, spoke Tuesday at the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, held at the Inbal Hotel in Jerusalem. Lapid declared that his political agenda includes making the Reform and Conservative movements – both popular in the United States – equal to orthodox Judaism in terms of state support.

MK Yair "We'll do what we want!" Lapid
“I want to do everything in my power to ensure the equality between all movements of Judaism in the state of Israel, Orthodox, Conservative, or Reform,” he declared. “In conversions, in budgets, in the eyes of the law. No one can claim ownership over the Jewish God.”
Translation:  He would like to decide what God wants, instead of God Himself.  Oh, and Yair?  There's only One God, not a Jewish God along side others.

Did you catch that buzz word "conversions?"  Translation: Let's fill Israel with non-Jews who will vote for us, just like the Left has already tried by recruiting non-Jewish Ukrainians to make their homes in Israel, and is still trying to grant special status to the children of foreign workers from the Philappines, India, and other countries.

With all of the sham "conversions," just exactly how many of these so-called "Reform" are even really Jewish?
“Small, old, petty politics cannot determine something that is eternal as is the Jewish identity, this is just wrong,” he added.
You got it wrong, Yair.  This isn't about politics.  This about the Torah, the guide for how all Jews are supposed to live,...even you!
The “complete dominance of orthodox rabbis” over marriage “is an insult,” Lapid argued.
"The 'complete dominance of orthodox rabbis' over marriage" has been helping to preserve the Jewish People.  And besides, this "dominance," as Lapid calls it, is unfortunately losing ground, as I write this.

These "movements" have already been sneaking into the Israeli, public education system, and often present as legitimate and equal "denominations," just as Christianity has.  Tal"i is one of those programs, a conduit for this deception of our youth, and their parents.

Newspapers like Ha'Aretz and the Jerusalem Post have been presenting the "movements" as such.

Why is it that NOBODY wants to talk about the Elephant in the room?

Reform "Judaism" isn't Judaism.

Thus, Yesh Atid Party MK's Yair Lapid and Ruth Calderon are pushing Israel away from Judaism.

So, what does it mean that the Jewish Home/National "Religious" Party has teamed up with them?

Something worth investigating, don't you think?

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