Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Haredi Draft Bill Passes: Now What?

י' לחודש השנים עשר תשע"ד

Well, even though the Haredi Draft issue has never really been about the Haredi Draft, the Haredi Draft Bill passed the K'nesseth with 65 MK's voting in favor.... No surprises here.
YNET: With a near-empty plenum, Israel approves haredi draft Legislation compels yeshiva students to enlist for national service or face penalty.
Haredi MK: This is a black day, we will not forget or forgive Netanyahu

March 12, 2014

Israel News A near-deserted Knesset on Wednesday passed controversial legislation to draft ultra-Orthodox yeshiva students into the army, after a political row saw the opposition boycott the vote. (cont.)
Esser Agaroth (2¢):

(Photo Credit: used with Anonymous Facebook Friend's permission)

MK Yoni Chetboun
(Jewish Home Party)
MK Yoni Chetboun (Jewish Home) was the only government coalition member to vote against this bill. Whether you agree with his vote or not, you have to handed to him for standing by his principles over the fear of the possible loss of his seat in government the next go around.

Previously, I mentioned MK Chetboun's railing on Yesh Atid Party Leader and Finance Minster Yair Lapid for his offensive comments directed toward the State of Israel's Chief Rabbis.

So, at least one more MK appears to have some principles, and who stands by them.

I believe that the Israeli Government will eventually come to regret its decision, training all those Torah-observant Jews to use weapons, Jews who see The Almighty and His Holy Torah as their ultimate authority, and not the State.

The State's minyons will no doubt attempted its most sophisticated brainwashing indoctrination techniques on these young men, and they will fail!

In honor of the upcoming Purim holiday, I will relay what I heard was said in a Me'ah She'arim restaurant. Me'ah She'arim is a Jerusalem neighborhood whose residents can be safely said to be virtually 100% against the draft of their Haredi sons.

One Hassidishe man suggested to a friend of mine that the government should take all Haredi yeshivah students into the Israeli Defense Forces [IDF]. The IDF commanders will simply not be able to handle their various demands.

This one eats Rav Mahpud, this one She'aris Yisroel, this one Rav Landau, and this one Bet Yosef.

This one waits three hours after eating meat before dairy, this one six hours.

This one davens minhah now, and this one later.

This one holds by Rabbeinu Tam's end of Shabbath time, and this one does not, not too mention the possible need for five minyanim on Shabbath! This one accepts dancing, and this one does not.

Will the Prayer for the State be a requirement in schul?

Come Pesah (Passover), the eating of matzah meal based and/or qitniyoth (legumes) based foods will come up.

Hanukkah, too. This one lights inside by the door, and at this time and this one lights at the window at a different time, and this one lights outside.

The bottom line is that even though Yair Lapid has said that Haredim will be taken only some at a time, no doubt to ease the Erev-Rav controlled State's brainwashing indoctrination process, the IDF is just not ready, unless, of course, they have already decided to play hardball with the new recruits, and plan on being very, very, very nasty.

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