Monday, March 24, 2014

More ADL Kishen Tuches and It's Germany's Turn!

כ"ב לחודש השנים עשר ב' תשע"ד

YNET: Merkel receives ADL human rights prize
Jewish group presents German chancellor with its distinguished Joseph Prize in recognition of her 'abiding commitment' to protecting human rights of Jews, defending Jewish religious freedom.

March 23, 2014

VIDEO – The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has presented German Chancellor Angela Merkel with its distinguished ADL Joseph Prize for Human Rights in recognition of her "abiding commitment to promoting and protecting human rights at home and abroad."

In presenting the prize, ADL cited a number of accomplishments and actions that it said showed Chancellor Merkel’s unwavering commitment to human rights.

"They include Merkel’s efforts to protect the human rights of Jews through her commitment to the security of the State of Israel; raising her voice against Russian President Vladimir Putin and his arbitrary exercise of power; her defense of Jewish religious freedom in Germany, including the protection of the right to male circumcision; and her courageous public criticism of Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan’s actions against protestors last year, in which she stated that 'our European values – the freedom to demonstrate, the freedom of speech, the rule of law, the freedom of religion – they apply always. They are non-negotiable for us.'"

The prize was presented at the German Chancellery in Berlin by members of a leadership delegation currently traveling in Germany, headed by ADL National Chair Barry Curtiss-Lusher and ADL National Director Abraham H. Foxman.

"As the head of government, the pursuit of human rights is not your only responsibility,” Foxman said in his remarks to Chancellor Merkel.

"Internationally, we have seen you, time and again, speak frankly to other leaders on human rights issues. On your first visit to Moscow as chancellor, you made a point of inviting human rights campaigners to a reception at the German embassy. And since then you have raised your voice publicly when meeting with Vladimir Putin on behalf of those targeted by his arbitrary exercise of power.

"It is clear to all," Foxman added, "that your actions are based on deep personal convictions. We are fortunate that someone with such convictions leads one of the most important countries in the world, and that you have made clear to other leaders that their records on human rights play a weighty role in determining Germany’s relations with their nations." (cont.)

Esser Agaroth (2¢):
I have absolutely no idea why Putin is mentioned in the citation, just more proof perhaps that the ADL, which claims to be a Jewish organization, isn't.

I wonder if this wasn't perhaps some kind of lame, consolation prize for Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's recent, accidental shadow puppetry (below).

We have rabbis in the Crimea and other parts of the the Ukraine declaring the "everything's fine. don't worry about us." We have and yet the non-profit, a-political ADL doesn't happen to like what Putin is doing, and so it says so.

Chancellor Angela Merkel and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu
...playing shadow puppets.

Meanwhile, Chancellor Merkel and the rest of her European Union continue to support a so-called two-state solution," in other words the establishment of yet another Arab state which desires the annihilation of Israel.

How does this support the Jewish "human" right of self-determination? How does this guarantee Israeli's security, by trusting Yishma'el (the Arabs),...this time?

So, how different is slaughtering an entire people yourself versus having some "Palestinian" lackeys do it for you?

Food for thought...

It seems to me the Vladamir Putin appears to be doing more to support the rights of his own people, those of his own people/nationality, than the Israeli government does for its own.
The delegation also presented Chancellor Merkel with a framed paper-cut that repeats, in several languages, the Hebrew phrase "V'ahavta L'reakha Kamokha," which translates "Thou Shalt Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself," which is one of the most sacred admonitions of the Torah.
...not to mention one of the most misunderstood verses in the entire Tana"kh (Bible).

I'm get soaked by all of the ADL's, and in particular Foxman's, slobbering all over the German Chancellor, including some serious kishen tuches.

May Chancellor Merkel never recover to a state of complete dryness.

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