Sunday, March 16, 2014

Is the Jewish State Jewish?

פורים תשע"ד

Jeremy Gimpel
Two different pieces prompted me to write the following, diehard Christian-lover Jeremy Gimpel's Dodging the Draft Because of God?! (Tip: The Torah Revolution, which I also recommend that you read his response.), obviously written without the knowledge that the Haredi Draft Issue has never been about the Haredi Draft, and Ya'el Shahar's A New Sanhedrin: A Leap Forward or a Step Backward.

Esser Agaroth (2¢):
As far as the State of Israel, and its army [IDF] being Jewish, well, let's see....

1. Fighting for democratic (Hellenist) rights, instead of fighting for us to perform the Will of The Almighty.

2. Continuing to insist on being just like the goyim (non-Jewish), a member of the international "family of nations," instead of striving to be the separate and distinct people we are supposed to be.

3. Watering down Shabbath, kashruth, marriage and conversion regulations, for the sake of democracy.

4. The indoctrination of even religious children into Israeli, secular society, to make sure that the authority of the State is central, instead of the authority of The Almighty through His Holy Torah.

5. The suicidal giving away land, not even ours to give away, and to hostile enemies no less.

6. Increasing levels of romiscuity in the IDF, due to male and female close contact in fighter units.

7. Sacrificing the lives of our IDF soldiers for the sake of protecting enemy "civilians" instead of following halakhah related to war.

8. Feminism, egalitarianism, and other "do what we want" libertine concepts.

9. The silence of the State-employed "rabbis" on most of these issues, acting little more than puppets, rather than the halakhic authorities they are supposed to be, how on earth can you call the State and its army Jewish?

Is this what you mean by "Jewish?".

Who was it who said that we'll have a truly Jewish state, when we have Jewish street cleaners, Jewish Prostitutes, and Jewish criminals?

What I mean by "Jewish" is that of being Torah-focused, which is the primary purpose of the Jewish People.

As a religious Jew, I would not want my son entering such a an un-Jewish army, unless it was for one of these reasons, such as having influence on other soldiers for the good of the Jewish People and its eternal Homeland.

The State is only occasionally Torah-focused, and then only cosmetically so. Thus, when it comes to being Jewish, the State of Israel is only occasionally Jewish, and then only cosmetically so.


Ariel ben Yochanan said...

B"H - Well said! Let me add that this State of Israel is never Jewish. Why not? Because its Jewishness doesn't only depend on what it does and how, but on what it is. For a state to be Jewish it has to have Jewish, Torah-prescribed institutions, which are a Jewish king, the Sanhedrin and the Cohen Gadol running the show in the Temple, on the Temple Mount of Jerusalem. The present prime-minister's office, "democratically" elected kneset and so called "supreme court" are not Torah institutions, but as you correctly said intrinsically Hellenistic "democratic" ones that we learned from the nations and bought back with us from the exile. Don't misunderstand me: I don't think democracy is bad, indeed I think it is good - for the nations, not for us. We have Torah-prescribed institutions to establish and run on the Land and therefore by not doing so we are not only wasting our time but clearly we also anger Hashem, our G-d. How do I know? Easy, He withholds His holy peace from us. Only if we had peace and prosperity on the Land, people would be right in claiming that everything we do here is right and that's exactly where the lie of Zionists lie. Pun intended.

Devorah Chayah said...

A state of Jews, maybe, but not a Jewish state.

Unknown said...

The quote you're thinking of is Hertzl I believe. It went something like, "My dream is that in the land of Israel a Jewish prostitue will be arrested by a Jewish police officer and it will all happen in Hebrew."

BTW, be careful with the ads that pop on your site. The top right corner just featured this link for Messianic "Judaism" -

Purim sameach

Esser Agaroth said...

Thanks Devash, Ariel, and Israel Tachlis.

I depend on readers to let me know of the URL's I need to block. I can't always see the addresses, and don't always see the same ads as you.

If anyone can see the Meretz URL, let me know. I don't want Zehavah Gal-On on my site either,...even if it is Purim. ;-)

Thanks again.

Devash, State of Jews,...yeah, I think that's make sense.

Ariel, what do we do? I'm frustrated!

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