Monday, March 31, 2014

Still Think the Israeli Defense Forces is a Jewish Army?

ראש החודש הראשון תשע"ד

Arutz 7: Report: Pesach Eve Induction for Haredi Students Postponed
Induction orders sent to thousands of hared youths will apparently be postponed, a report Monday said.

Moshe Cohen, March 31, 2014

Several months ago, thousands of hareidi youths were sent orders to appear at IDF induction centers – on the 13th day of the Hebrew month of Nissan, just one day before the start of Passover. But the army has backtracked, according to hareidi newspaper Hamevaser – and the induction orders have been postponed indefinitely...

...The new law gives the Defense Minister the option of delaying the induction date of haredi youths, and it is on that basis that Moshe Ya'alon has decided to postpone the enactment of the orders. The decision was reportedly made after a cabinet discussion earlier Monday. The students whose induction orders were postponed were to have appeared at induction centers for a health checkup and an intake interview, and sent home. (cont.)

Esser Agaroth (2¢):
Are they that far removed from Pesah (Passover), the holiday said to be celebrated (in some way shape or form) even by the likes of Leftist Yossi Sarid? Or was this done on purpose, too obviously acting out on some serious control issues?

If nothing else, the IDF should have seen Pesah as spring vacation time, like almost every other Israeli citizen, even to a degree, Druze and Arabs.

Do "they" really want Haredim in the IDF?
(Photo: Anonymous Facebook Friend)

Do they regularly hold inductions, even just medical exams, a day and a half for secular Jews, or even non-Jews?

Pesah is not just any holiday. Pesah also happens to be the time when we emerged as a People, as a Nation, a Nation of Israel, and not an Israeli nation. Those of us left of that nation, the Jews recognize the immense significance of this to our identities, both national and personal.

But, to the most efficient of the IDF, paper pushing soldiers? I'm not so sure. And we can thank the State of Israel's public education system for that.

In the infamous words of Shimon Peres, upon losing the 1996 election to Binyamin Netanyahu, "Today was a loss for Israelis."

When a journalist then asked, "If Israelis lost, then who were the winners?"

Peres responded, "The Jews."

Current Israeli President Shimon Peres himself differentiated between Israelis and Jews, and my guess is that he quite possibly continues to do so.

The IDF may have some "Jewish" window dressing, placing a Hanukkah menorah, here and there, and allowing outside rabbis to join IDF rabbis on base in leading Passover Seders. The IDF may also defend the lives of Am Yisra'el, most of them anyway, and the borders of Eretz Yisra'el,...most of them anyway.

The IDF may even have the potential to be a Jewish army someday. But, today, it is an Israeli army, not a Jewish one.

Not only that, but this is further support for my belief that the Haredi Draft issue has never had anything actually to do with the drafting of Haredim.

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Ariel ben Yochanan said...

B"H - Thank you and G-d bless you for bringing up this issue. It shows Hashem that some of us still care, which must be a good thing.

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