Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ahmed & Salim (Updated)

30 of the Third Month 5769

Yet again, yours truly is late getting on the band wagon. What can I say? I do other things besides blogging, like working and learning.

Anyway, I have to tell you that the Internet cartoon show, "Ahmed & Salim" is hysterical!

Often referred to as the "Arab South Park," "Ahmed & Salim" is presented in pseudo-Arabic, with Hebrew and English subtitles. Episodes have been banned in Saudi Arabia and in the United Arab Emirates (big surprise). One episode has apparently been banned from YouTube altogether.

From the "Ahmed & Salim" official website:
Hello, we are Tom Trager and Or Paz. Each week we write, direct, voice, animate and edit each episode in order to entertain and offend everyone. In contrary to what you may think we do not think bad of Arabs, we simply dislike people in general.

For any questions, death threats and comments
please mail us at:

You can read the background and "controversy" surrounding "Ahmed & Salim" on-line in the Jerusalem Post.

So far, there are seven episodes. I look forward to more. But, I do have to issue a MAJOR PROFANITY ALERT. If you prefer not to listen to profanity, then "Ahmed & Salim" is not for you.

Links to episodes are listed below with synopses (Warning: Spoiler alert).

(Tip Credit: Shmu'el)

Episode #2 - Guitar Hero anyone?

Episode #3 - A must see for Facebook users and those who loved (or hated) the TV show "Friends."

Episode #4 - I will hazard a guess that this elusive Episode #4 is the "banned" episode. I wonder who was behind the ban, Arabs or Jews.

Episode #5 - Uh-oh. Ahmed falls in love with a Jewish girl. Fortunately, heroic organizations like Yad leAchim exist to help combat the consequences of "liberal" education, leading Jews astray, like in this episode.

Episode #6 - Ahmed and Salim take on the question of YouTube and censorship.

Episode #7 - Ahmed and Salim are sent to Osama bin Laden for special terrorist education. MAJOR SEXUAL REFERENCES ALERT

10 ag Commentary:
I believe that one of the underlying messages presented in "Ahmed & Salim" is that Arab kids can be resistant to the culture and education of violence surrounding them, and just want to sit in front of the computer or television playing video games or chatting with friends all day,...just like every other kid in the world.

Do you believe that the children in Azza and elsewhere are just like every other kid, in non-Muslim, Western OR Eastern societies?

The elementary school year has ended or is about to end. Did you get a chance to sign your kids up camp?

(Click image to enlarge and clarify.)

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