Friday, June 12, 2009

Christians Are Everywhere!

Erev Shabbath Qodesh Parshath Shelah 5769

Christians Are Everywhere! (Click on each of the images to view an enlarged version.) Here they are, between Bilu and Eqron, on the way to Rehovoth. Hopefully, they now know better than to enter Rehovoth, after they were beaten up by both haredi and secular residents a month ago. It's good to know there are some sparks of Ahduth Yisrael (Jewish unity), and that even Israrli media outlets are willing to report them occasionally. This photo was taken two days after their nighttime infiltration into Rehovoth. This group's motto is the lie that their false deity/messiah equals the King of the Jews (yamah shemam!). Out of nowhere, I saw this sign in the Bukharan Quarter in Jerusalem. We can debate the merits or hurtfulness of the International Federation of Christians and Jews [IFCJ] another time. (See for yourself a record of donations the IFCJ has made to Christian missionaries on the Esav Exposed Blog.) Notice the translation? Any particular reason the IFCJ needs to hide the "C" in IFCJ? (Sorry for the poor quality. You'll just have to trust me, or go see for yourself.). It just says yediduth (friendship), without any mention of Christian participation. Do you think that's just a one off? 

  I am truly embarrassed to ask to you to check out this plaque in my very own town of K'far Tapu'ah, in the Shomron (Samaria). There is no mention of Christian involvement here either. What, pray tell, is CFOIC? It's the abbreviation for Christian Friends of Israeli Communities. What are they trying to hide? K'far Tapu'ah's recently completed, $180,000 playground was set to receive a final donation of $30,000 from a Christian organization. (How it cost, I do not know. Ask David HaIvri. Maybe he knows.) When Shomron Regional Head Gershon Mesiqa was asked by K'far Tapu'ah's mayor for a letter on stationary needed to finalize the donation, he refused. Fortunately, someone in the Shomron has some sense. Finally, here is a man who was distributing fliers next to Shuq HaKarmel for a gospel concert in Tel-Aviv. When I asked him if these people were Christians, he said no. I replied with, "We'll see." Maybe he was just some dupe hired to pass out the fliers, and I did not know the implication of the word "gospel." I don't know. That does not change the fact that they working around the clock! The minute Jews begin to question Chritian activities in Israel, they get attacked. Check out Ellen Horowitz's coverage of Christian "legal defense" in Israel at Jewish Israel. Christians Are Everywhere!

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