Sunday, June 14, 2009

Who Is Rabbi Lemming?

22 of the Third Month 5769

Rabbi Michael Lemming is, in his own words, "a left-wing orthodox rabbi living in Haifa, Israel." He heads the prestigious Yeshiva, "Har Shalom," where he teaches a message of peace, social justice, and love for the world. He also currently hosts the famous "Rabbi Lemming Show" (embedded below).

Episode #1: The first episode ever of the famous "Rabbi Lemming Show"

...a parody of the sissy, pacifist, left-wing segment of the so-called datti-tzioni (Religious Zionist) community...

(Go to time markers 2:43 and 3:57, in case you begin to get concerned that this really is not a parody.)

Here are links to additional episodes:

Episode #2: "Reflections On Tshuvah"
Rabbi Lemming gets a big surprise after inviting his nine-year Arab friend into his home to give him cookies.
(highlights: 4:27, 6:45, 9:50)

Episode #3: "Back From The Dead"
Rabbi Lemming won't even let a near-death beating deter him from spreading his message of shalom.

Episode #4: Part 1 - "I'm An Apple," Part 2 - "Songs For The Chag"
Rabbi Lemming
experiences a miracle before the chag, when his painkillers kick in.

Episode #5: "A Special Shabbat Guest"

Special Shabbat guest Ezra gets "cured" of his right-wing extremism after being zapped by Rabbi Lemming's new invention, the "Lemminator."


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Rafi G. said...

he made me nauseous by the middle of the first episode. I could not bear to watch any more. and it was not what he said, but his presentation.
is he mentally retarded? why does he have to make himself look so unpleasant to watch by the distortion?

Esser Agaroth said...

Well, thanks for trying to view it.

It's a parody. I suppose he's trying to show how "unpleasant" those people are, as well as disguising himself.

I believe that he is also trying to show that leftists do have a mental disorder.