Sunday, October 11, 2009

Good News: And Bo'az Begat...

24 of the Seventh Month 5770
רות ד,כא
...ובעז הוליד
Ruth 4:21
...and Bo'az begat...
Some good news for once...
Triplets for Father Who Lost Three Sons to Terrorism
Hillel Fendel, 24 Tishrei 5770/October 11, 2009

( Seven years after Boaz Shabo lost his wife and three of his seven children in a terrorist attack [in Itamar], he and his second wife are the proud parents of new-born triplets.

The babies, two boys and a girl, are currently hospitalized in the preemie ward of Tel HaShomer Hospital.

The murderous attack occurred in June 2002 – ending a tragic week in which no fewer than 38 Israelis were murdered by Palestinian terrorists, including 19 on a bus outside the Gilo neighborhood of Jerusalem and seven in a French Hill bus stop bombing. (Read more...)

Nothing could possibly "replace" Bo'az's wife Rahel and sons Avishai, Tzvika and Neria (May HaShem avenge their blood!). However, HaQadosh Barukh Hu (The Holy One, Blessed Be He) saw fit to give Bo'az a new wife and three more children (May they live long, healthy, and happy lives!). I defy anyone to call this a coincidence!

The attack on the Shabo Family and Yosef Twito took place the day after the attack I survived. Three weeks beforehand, I met Bo'az. He gave me a ride from Ofra to Jerusalem on Erev Shabbath. He was on his way to spend Shabbath on duty as a medic in a hospital emergency room. I remember how friendly he was, encouraging me to come visit Itamar, and telling me about his goats. Because of Bo'az, I knew that my desire to be closer to Jews working in agriculture could become a reality. Because of Bo'az, my spirits were raised that day.

On the way, we saw a bale of hay tumble off a Yishma'eli (Arab) truck.

Needless to say, we followed the halacha (Jewish law) regarding this matter.

מי שמבין יבין

He who understands, will understand....

I had only known him for an hour, yet I was able to witness him carry out several misswoth.

Mazal Tov to Bo'az and his family!


Shtuey said...

B"H, nisim are all around us. The hospital in B'nai Brak reported 900 births in September, 40 on Yom Kippur. Truly a great story. Thanks for reporting it.

Esser Agaroth said...

Yep. Miracles are all over,...just gotta pay attention.