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Haveil Havalim #237 - The Sukkoth 5770 Edition

Hol HaMo'ed Sukkoth 5770

Just when you thought you've seen everything....

What no introduction?? Wasn't that photo enough of an introduction??

For some reason, my Sukkoth is turning out to be a bit unusual. I've really been letting the massive influx of Christians get to me. The only issue about which I believe leftists are on target is the threat of these people. (Actually, we "extremist" settlers can be stricter than leftists when it comes to protecting the environment, but ssshhhh, don't tell anyone.) Why, one Christian even tried to something into this edition,...about Hallah, of all things. Fortunately, I got suspicious, and decided to do a search for the name of his false deity, and sure enough....

But, I digress....

This is supposed to be a happy pappy holiday edition. Or is it? Who said I have to make this a holiday edition? Hosts get to use their discretion, right?

The truth is that this is a holiday edition. But, don't forget, we're Jews. Missiles, anti-Semitism, and for that matter cancer (see below) do not take time off on our holidays, not to mention the insipid illness know as Tishrei Depression. That last one is kind of like December Depression, but for Jews, and completely unrelated to freezing weather.

But, because it is a holiday, this edition is being published, only after Yom Tov goes out completely, for the vast majority of Jews in the world. Besides next week, this will be the last time a situation like this one, Haveil Havalim coinciding with Yom Tov, until Shavu'oth 5772 (2012), at which time I encourage the Fearless Carnival Leader to cancel it for that week, or postpone its release date until Tuesday, 8 Sivan. We don't officially publish editions on Yom Tov in Israel. Why should we when it's still Yom Tov outside of Israel? (Pesah 5772 will fall on Shabbath, as well as Sunday for those in hutz laAretz. HH can released that Sunday night, if hosted by a hutznik.)

Food for thought...

Hag Same'ah.
Founded by Soccer Dad, Haveil Havalim is a carnival of Jewish blogs -- a weekly collection of Jewish & Israeli blog highlights, tidbits and points of interest collected from blogs all around the world. It's hosted by different bloggers each week and coordinated by Jack. The term 'Haveil Havalim,' which means "Vanity of Vanities," is from Qoheleth, (Ecclesiastes) which was written by King Solomon. King Solomon built the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and later on got all bogged down in materialism and other 'excesses' and realized that it was nothing but 'hevel,' or in English, 'vanity.'

The Rabbi On The Beach comments on Parashath Ha'azinu in An Elephant Never Forgets, But People Do.

Ge'ulah Girl at also comments on Parashath Ha'azinu on The Key To Redemption blog. Will we listen to her warning? Or will we let it fall on deaf ears?

Yechezkel's The Nefesh (keshura) B'Nefesh Proposal - Is her "I Do" a Done Deal? posted at Achas L'Maala V'Sheva L'Matta gets my vote this week for hidden gem. Yechezkel reminds us that there are differences between Jewish and non-Jewish ways of doing things, even though we forget sometimes.

The Rebbetzin's Husband presents Teaching Torah - It And About It.

Allison Josephs, the Jew In The City, reminds us why You Gotta Have Faith, Faith, Faith....


Hag HaSukkoth

First and foremost, the First JBloggers Jerusalem Picnic! starts in only a few hours in Gan Sackar, a park which is only a 15 minute walk from the central bus station. Click the link for more information from RivkA at Coffee And Chemo.

Ari Goldwag at Geulah Perspectives presents Succos, Willows, and Water. Haven't you ever wondered about the "water libation ceremony," the water drawing festival, the willow ceremony that was done in the Temple, and what these have to do with Succoth? Check out this post to find out the answer. (podcast)

The Velveteen Rabbi presents Permeable: A Poem For Sukkot. (includes an audio version)

Jacob Richman provides us with Educational Resources for Sukkot at his Good News from Israel blog.

"An etrog with a gartel and a pedigree?" Find out what Isramom means by this in No Such Thing As Coincidence!

Here's the link to the cute video of Heshy "Frum Satire" Fried Lulav And Etrog Shopping In Crown Heights. Before you watch, please note that I paid only NIS 115 ($30.73) for everything. $250 for an ethrog in Crown Heights? Try only $13.36 in Jerusalem,...yet another reason to make aliyah.

David at Israelity warns of the influx Gazan Lulavs into Israel to cover the "shortage."

Yom HaKippurim

David at The Reform Shuckle shares his Yom Kippur experience praying in the Upper West Side of Manhattan in his High Holiday Sampler Plate Adventure? series.

Shira at On The Fringe shares her experience in Near Tears At Morning Minyan.

Morey Altman at Solid Rock Writing gives us his Yom Kippur thoughts in the form of a poetical essay entitled Atonement.

Homeschuling teaches her first-grader about The Book Of Life.

Benji Lovitt at What War Zone??? spent part of his Yom Kippur being interrogated by the Israeli prime minister's security service. I kid you not.


In The News

Batya at Shiloh Musings brings us Pretty Dumb Deal, in which she comments on the deal made which includes the releasing of female terrorists for information regarding whether Gil'ad Shalit is still alive or not.

at The Israel Situation has the details posted in 20 Prisoners For A Video.

Debbie Schussel give her perspective on the situation in Shut Up: Stop Calling for Gilad Shalit’s (& a Gazillion Terrorists’) Release.

Ariel at The Torah Revolution comments on the riots on the Temple Mount.

The Hashmonean gives us the run down on how Iranians and Arabs marked Yom Kippur in Unrepentant Jew.

Shmu'el at Torat Yisrael reports on the Destruction Of Giv'at Sefer.

Current Events

Daniel Ben-Shmu'el
at The Jewish Fist tires to warn us about an infiltration in Israel in Reflections On "Black [Non] Hebrews." (podcast) We will listen? Or will his warning also fall on deaf ears?

Jewish Israel exposes the missionary activities behind the International Christian Embassy's [ICEJ] Tabernacles celebrations in Israel in A Guide For Those Perplexed Over ICEJ's Feast.

Tomer Devorah wants us to Wake Up Seek The Rofeh Holim. With the continued Christian infiltration into the Land, and duping of the "settlers," so do I.

Yisrael at My Right Word has one of the only posts I have seen on the "Goldstone Report" worth posting. Everyone's talking about this stupid thing, which tells me that the majority of Am Yisrael is still way too worried about what the goyim think. I mean, who cares already? Still, you should check out Yisrael's New Word: Goldstoned.

Here's the other one: Senate Fights Goldstone Report, from Eric at The Israel Situation.

Also, here's his letter correcting a false portrayal of history in the Jerusalem Post, concerning the Chaim Arlosoroff Affair.

Ariel at The Torah Revolution lets the Jewish Telegraph Agency have it about its lying about Jewish "settlers," in his open Letter To JTA.

Schvach Yid doesn't sound too optimistic about a possible attack on Iran. Ask him what his alternative is to Taking The Bait Again. (Don't get me wrong. He makes some good points.)

Lady-Light at Tikkun Olam Banishes The Darkness With The Truth, as she reports on a previous contact between Prime Minster Netanyahu and the late Lubavitcher Rebbe.

Covering an unpleasant, yet important, topic, Rabbi Yosef Blau guest posts at Tzedek-Tzedek. In Rabbis Dealing With Abuse, Rabbi Blau questions the advisability of rabbis dealing with child abuse. As a mental health practitioner, I must disagree with him, albeit I am probably in the minority. Rabbi Blau makes excellent points which must be addressed, yet appears to deal with the symptoms of the problem, and not with the roots of the problems within the system.

Ricki's Mom , writing on Beneath The Wings demonstrates how to be pro-active in the prevention of child abuse and exploitation. She describes this in The Little Kid At The Door. (blogging in October for Down Syndrome Awareness)

Life In Israel

Benji at What War Zone??? brings us Israel is a Dangerous Place: Reason #82. He claims that there's a monster on the loose in Jerusalem! Plus, he makes a birthday request to all of us.

Elder Of Ziyon painstakingly (LOL) sifted through countless photos of Esti Ginzburg to cap off his piece on The IDF's Supermodel. (pritzus alert!)

Are you ready for some very different music at a Jewish wedding? Yisrael takes us for a ride in the "Wayback Machine," or so it seems. Yisrael, you're dating yourself.... "And you thought we weren't normal people beyond the Green Line." ;-)

David at Israelity takes us to the Leonard Cohen concert in Hallelujah!

Mrs. S. at Our Shiputzim gives us a tiyul suggestion (with photos) in National Parks: Ir David Edition.

Batya also brings us a photo at Me-Ander in Still Life In Action,...reflecting on renovations.

Toby at A Time Of The Signs reminds us about an important "Israeli" meal staple, which many Americans can relate to in That's The Way Uh-Huh Uh-Huh They Like It.

(That's what I'm calling anywhere outside of Israel these days. Here's why.)

Life Outside Of Israel

The Rebbetzin's Husband reviews Mitch Albom's book Have A Little Faith.

Check out who Just Call Me Chaviva met in A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words.

A Simple Jew hints to What Is Going On Behind The Scenes? (...of his blog)

Meir, posting at the B'nai Elim Blog, Exposes The Israel Haters At York University.

Alissa Altman at N: Aliyah presents the Pink For Pareve initiative with In The Pink. It's a cute idea to raise awareness about a serious issue. Don't forget, October is "Breast Cancer Awareness Month."

(It's red and it's a herring. Get it? Just for the fun of it....)

Super Power Meme

Here's a list of some of the participants in the Super Power Meme which has been going around:

Well, that's a wrap for Edition #237!

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YMedad said...

I'll even toff my kippah at ya for my inclusions and thanks for your appreciative words. Even the other blogger in the houase doesn't wax so generous of compliment. And may the succah s'chach not fall in your soup.

mother in israel said...

I come to HH to see what is new in the blogosphere. This edition is all about you and your political views.

toby said...

Yashar Koach, and Moadim LeSimcha! My link is up.

Esser Agaroth said...

YMedad, Thanks. My pleasure. It hasn't so far. ;-}

Toby, Thanks.

Esser Agaroth said...
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Esser Agaroth said...

Mother In Israel,...

(answered privately,...for now)

rabbi neil fleischmann said...

Great job. Good Moed!

Leora said...

Thanks for mentioning JPIX. Now is the time to photograph your sukkah, even if it doesn't show up in JPIX until late December.

Re: breast cancer awareness...if anyone wants to learn prevention instead of just detection, person should get in touch with Klara LeVine in Jerusalem area to learn about macrobiotics. You will also get sick less in general. (see - she's trying to learn blogging.

Chaviva Gordon-Bennett said...

Geeepers thanks for including me!

Chag sameach!

Jew in the City said...

Thanks for the mention. Chag sameach!

Alissa said...

Yay, carnival! Thanks for the link, although I'm not sure how we wound up in "Life Outside Of Israel". We write an aliya blog ;)

Great blogs this week; I just killed an hour and a half reading stuff that I actually wanted to read, and not just skim!

Esser Agaroth said...

Alissa, I understood that you're outside of Israel and trying to get here. Was I wrong?

If I am, where did you end up?

If not, I hope you and Morey make it here soon. Good luck.

I haven't seen the Pink For Pareve campaign enter Israel yet, but maybe soon.

When I move next month, I'll need a few things, so we'll see if I can find some pink items.


Also, the reason why I provide commentary it so that you can be selective about where you click.

I hope it worked.


Mrs. S. said...

Moadim l'simchah! יישר כוחך and thanks for the link!

Batya said...

Thanks for the great HH. Yes, I'm almost two weeks late, but I didn't have a Simchat Torah
this year.

Lady-Light said...

(-I happen to agree with your political views. Doesn't bother me a bit; it's your blog, for gossakes.)

Apologies for the delay in commenting here; your email announcing this HH went unread until RIGHT THIS INSTANT.
Looking at it this way, I was actually nanosecond fast(!).

Thank you for including my submission and linking to it.
As usual, well done!

Esser Agaroth said...

LL, Thanks.

I just figured that whoever hosts can give his or her commentary.

The less people like such commentary, the less people will choose not to participate when s/he hosts, and will have no choice but to tone it down or not host.

Lady-Light said...

You mean, the more people will choose not to participate, right?
If I ever host, I'll just keep my mouth shut.

Esser Agaroth said...

Something like that.

I'm surprised no commented on the cool photo.

Lady-Light said...

You mean the air-conditioned sukkah? That's so Spoiled American. I was speechless.

Esser Agaroth said...

Maybe so. This picture is from Jerusalem. Most places are getting chilly by Sukkoth, but not here.

An A/C unit isn't SO expensive here. If you already have one, then why not move it into the Sukkah?

I saw that some huge Sukkoth in Me'ah She'arim had, like at Slonim.

The point is to move into the Sukkah, not just eat there.

The reason why customs of only eating in the Sukkah developed was the cold and thieves roaming around Europe.

Not that we're in Israel, we sleep in them, especially when many on on the balcony within the security of ones home anyone.

Lady-Light said...

My sons and I slept in our sukkah when we owned our house; my husband, though at the time he was a scoutmaster and took the troop camping, even over Shabbat (which required a lot of work to cover the halachic issues), never liked sleeping in the sukkah (we know we are supposed to live there: "בסוכות תשבו שבעה ימים " , but we live in a colder climate and also felt more secure in our house (I didn't sleep there every night).
Times are different; we can't do this anymore. I think the world is a worse place than it used to be...